Clay Shapes Bound to Fabric Create Multi-Layered Embroidered Works

Quite strange but still astounding, embroidered works are some fascinating pieces of simulacrum that are made with the mere help of a needle and a fabric. Although it requires only a few things to make pièce de résistance, this toilsome art needs a good amount of intricacy.


Similarly, some of the embroidered works created by the Poland-based artist Justyna Wołodkiewicz are an exquisite conglomeration of beauty. With the help of clay pieces, she transforms them into a colorful assortment of shapes placed at various positions bounded by multi-color threads. She says, “What you see in my embroideries is highly filtered visual and sonic information”.

Her works clearly show that she has taken a lot of time to master them properly. She describes her embroidery as art that peregrinates through her senses like eyes, brain, and hands and then reaches the real universe after getting transformed drastically. She illustrates this journey as a way that helps her to interact with the world with an impetus which helps her to go through several experiences and to become the best version of herself.

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Can I make it more colorful? Myaybe yes. Maybe no. I'm challenging myself. I'm going to extend my color palette comfort zone. That means to try what's uncomfortable. That means to experiment (I love experiments). That means using colors I don't use. That means fails and surprises. And it all is so exciting. For the next 12 months I'm going to create 12 small hoops that are challenging and uncomfortable in terms of colors. You can find them under #nibyniebochallengingcolors . And MORE: you can join me. Feel free to use the #nibyniebochallengingcolors and create whatever you want – with one condition – stepping out of your palette comfort zone. Change your color choice habits. Look with the fresh eye. Forget the results. Enjoy the journey. Post your pictures with #nibyniebochallengingcolors and tag me. You can call it new years resolution, but it doesn't matter. That's my small adventure. And opportunity to grow my skills. You may grow only when you go out of your comfort zone. And the more you go out the faster it becomes familiar. That's growfth. Let's do it! #embroidery #embroiderydesign #hiddengems #colorcombination #hoopart #originalartforsale #mmmexplore #seemyembroidery #dmcthreads #rękodzieło_pl #colorful #joy #energy #experiment #challenge2020 #artchallenge2020 #colorchoice #colorpalette #habbits #2020resolutions

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While the true meaning of the intricate details in her works may be overlooked by a normal person, Justyna needs to make a perfect choice of color, texture, and composition to deliver a strong emotional message to humans. Her every single work depicts the complexities of a relationship.

The creativity expresses the fun she gets while producing a representation that throws light on the fundamental colorful things like threads. This way, Justyna provides her inner soul a sense of accomplishment and it is also a good method of creating a diversion of the innate beauties present in this world. She knows that everything a human does in his life is ensured by the quality of the message it sends back.

Justyna describes the upward stitches in embroidery as a way to signify how we create bonds with our surroundings. If her creations give you a sense of amusement, then you can buy them online. And if you wish, you can also stay in touch with her on Instagram to keep yourself updated with her new pieces of craft.