CJ Hendry’s Colored Pencil Drawings Showcase Hyper Realistic Silky Flowers

An artist named CJ Hendry has stolen the limelight with her art pieces reflecting on the silky side of flowers. Known for her drawings, she has taken to colored pencils to shape her another stroke. She highlights her artistic flair by shedding light on the eternal beauty of her “gentle” subjects. Their delicacy evolves beautifully to win hearts bubbling around.


Flowers and their magic get at the heart of affairs in the art world. Many artists don their caps to give them a new and unique identity in the domain. They let their beautiful hues and vibrancy rule the art waves floating around. Not just that, their artistic passion helps them weave a fascinating narrative, celebrating their charm. Taking on that note, an artist named CJ Hendry has served that delight with an enticing touch in her artworks.

Drawings that have been her main interest mostly revolved around the scintillating facets of fruits, fruits and other edible bits in the sphere. Breaking the knot of monotonicity, the artist finally decided to make way for a thrilling art spree. She bundled her artistic flair and transported it to a related stream of the art world. Switching her love for edibles to flowers with colored pencils, she set her path for an enticing narrative in the domain.


Not just that, she also made way for a new and fascinating portrayal on her canvas. Heart-winning flowers cast a spell on her mind and artistic nerves. Their silky touch wooed her artistic senses to shape their evolution in her art pieces. Attending the calls of her heart, she went ahead to stroke out the scintillating lines and magic on the board. Proceeding ahead bit by bit, she managed to increase the scale of her works. Thus, their beauty thriving in their deep layers came up beautifully to add stars to their scenario.

Maintaining the charm and freshness in her collection, she worked out many floral varieties blooming on her canvas. Flowers of different charm zoomed out to wave at their mesmerized viewers lining around. Grabbing the best on her platter, one can go through the list of her floral masterpieces. “Red Poppy” (45 x 45 inches) evolves to set the note for an enticing experience in her art domain. Silky waves and folds catch up with one another vibrantly with various hues of red, ruling the scene in the best way. Adding another star in the sphere, one can marvel at “Peony Peepin” (65 x 65 inches).


The art piece presents the unvisited charming look of the white flower. Its delicate petals get at the center of the scene to win hearts around. Get ready to lose your heart to the pink vibrancy of “Pink Fluffy Peony” (45 x 45 inches). Magical pink lines mingle with the white texture to shape a fascinating side of the floral bounty. “Light Peach Rose” (41 x 41 inches) gets on the platter to add to that note with its mesmerizing side and beauty. Not just that, the artist has also made a mark in her art pieces with her perfect background choice for her subjects.

Living in Brooklyn, she has been working on many projects lining around. Building on a similar, she is all set to rock the world with her exhibition in Mile End. Her social media accounts and handles also provide a peep of her art world to her admirers. Thus, there is a lot for one to cherish from her artistic side.