Circular Paintings By Alonsa Guevara Expose The Fleshy Insides Of Halved Fruits

An artist named Alonsa Guevara takes the art lovers on a juicy ride with her paintings embellishing the art sphere. The Chilean artist based in New York City goes ahead to paint the juicy interiors of fruits like orange, watermelon, et al. She picks circular slices of the subjects to make her artworks do the rounds with her nature-based inspirations.


The world of paintings is taking the center of the art world with the remarkable art pieces on the shelves. The artists are taking on the trails to explore the lines connecting human lives and natural bits around the sphere. Savoring them with the best in class delight, they walk up the ladder of perfection and charm. Following the trails, an artist named Alonsa Guevara imbues the narrative with the vibrancy of her paintings.

Having spent her childhood in the green and mushy Ecuadorian rainforests with the iconic landscapes enveloping the view, Alonsa goes ahead to gather the gems of inspiration from the memory lanes. The agricultural hues painting the livelihood and earning means of the people around her continue to pump her creative nerves till date. The Chilean artist breathes in the freshness of her past days to lay down the bits and elements of art.

The New York-based artist creates her sphere by painting the juicy interior and pulps of fruits on her canvas. The circular slices look perfect and real to a great extent to reflect on the refreshing and nutritious bits nestling in the subjects. Not just that, she also puts her best to portray the fertility, death and decay in the world of fruits.


Since 2014, she has been advancing on the trails to mirror her adolescence. She aligns the universal bits at the center to woo the art lovers on the other end of the sphere. Not just that, she goes on varying the size and diameter (1.5 inches-30 inches) of her subjects to satiate the needs and preferences of the viewers. Thus, one can cherish the variety not only in terms of fruits but also in the size category with her paintings.

The “#65 (orange)” (2017) weaves a web of illusion to make viewers take the juicy orange slice for real with its refreshing look and hues. Not just the pulp but the seeds also feature on the canvas to add the real bits in the narrative.

“#27 (kiwi)” (2015) (oil on canvas, 12 inches) presents the green fruit ruling the sphere with its charm and nutrient content. Likewise, one can find the iconic pomegranate, apricot, watermelon, etc. Adding to that, one can also cherish her “imagined fruit”.


Shedding light on the fruit narrative, she shared, “Immediately I thought of fruits; they are everywhere and have been present as an essential part of evolution and as symbols throughout human history. I decided to paint the fruits cut open, revealing their insides, recreating and depicting all the incredible patterns, seeds, and infinite information they carry, which many people take for granted”.

Adding to that, she shared, “These fruits of the earth can be delicious/poisoning, juicy/rotten, real/imaginary”.

Thus, there is no limit on creativity in her paintings. To provide the real-life view of the alluring art pieces, some of her fleshy and fruity art pieces made waves for their sale on ‘Her Clique’ (platform dedicated to promoting women’s art, with a portion of the proceeds donated to a program for low-income international students at The New York Academy of Art) on October 21.