Cinta Vidal Paints Out Her Gravity-Defying World Through Her Murals

An artist named Cinta Vidal disseminates her creative vibes by painting out her gravity-defying world. The artist goes around looking for her canvass that could support her vibrant murals. Not just that but the artist also studies the surroundings deeply. Then she paints a mural that complements the locality. Her creations are rocking on the walls across the world.


The art bubbles float in dimensions of human life. They go around spreading artistic joy in all directions. They draw their power from the creativity of the artistic souls. It manifests on their thought process. One can grab this fact by looking at the art pieces of an artist named Cinta Vidal. She traversed across the regions to paint out her heart-swaying murals.

In the world of Cinta, perceptions and not tools matter the most. The artist lays down the foundation of murals meticulously. She tries to grab the different angles to look at the subjects. These subjects of her art piece revolve around the mundane of souls. She brings in different elements like books, chairs, mattresses, etc. in her masterpiece to depict the simple life thriving on Earth.

Thus, her art pieces shed light on the dynamics of life on Earth. Not just that but her art pieces also enshrine a deep meaning that requires the viewers to put on their brainy nerves. Thus, the murals treat their viewers with remarkable puzzles of pictures.

Well, it is not a ‘go and paint’ approach for the artist. She goes around looking meticulously at the surroundings. After getting up with a suitable space, she inspects its dimensions deeply to understand the dynamics of life in that area. Finally, the artist, based in Barcelona, takes up her paintbrush and colors to paint out a vibrant mural. It looks like an original part of the area.

Not just the shades but the elements of murals are also remarkable. They (from books to chairs) all float freely in her art work at different angles to defy gravity. For instance, in International University Barcelona, one could see her mural in which students occupy their space amidst the floating books, laptops and globe. Not just that, in “Floating Napa” (Napa Valley California), the houses position themselves at different angles to present a chaotic view.

Taking on the theme of her art, the artist said, “Everyone has their own view on the world, and my work is my way of expressing this idea: it’s impossible to view something from every perspective at the same time. There’s always a choice, a perception. In my work there also lies a desire to take things out of context, releasing them into the air and, by doing so, giving them new value”.

Shedding more light, she said, “Paint(ing) a mural is about interact(ing) with the wall and everything that surrounds it”. Thus, she often ends up painting her theme with colored walls as its background. So it becomes difficult for the viewers to distinguish between mural and walls.

Well, her artistic vibes are not just around Barcelona. They float around the world to bestow it with the art gems. The art lovers can grab her art on the walls in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and many other cities across the globe.