Cig Harvey’s Photographs Showcase The Beauty Natural Elements

An artist named Cig Harvey is winning name and fame with her clicks that celebrate the beauty and serenity thriving in the natural elements around her. She captures the sublime beauty of the elements to bring to the fore the artistic gleam. Not just that, she steps to snap the human interventions in the scenes to reflect on their co-existence.


Nature has always occupied the center of attraction for the artistic souls lingering around for the inspirational bits. It greets them with some out of the world facets and truths to empower them to take on their art journey. Thus, it is not a rare moment to find art pieces celebrating the beauty of nature. An artist named Cig Harvey adds to that part with her photography platter.

The photographer stands in golden fame for her ability to press on the artistic bits thriving around her and her camera. She dives deeper into the persona of nature and its elements to get the remarkable scenes and phenomena in the frame. She soars ahead to grab the iconic qualities of the essential bits to build on her art narrative in the sphere. The mundane moments of the day provide her with the space and liberty to check out the shimmering side of the bits.

After that, she catches the creativity signals to get the remarkable bits on the platter. Finally, she picks her camera and adjusts it to click the stunning shots. She does not spare a moment to miss out on the bubbling qualities thriving in the sphere. Most of her photographic encounters happen with the beauty of light and rolling water waves. Apart from that, she also looks at other natural bits that manage to pull her heart and mind towards them.


All in all, serenity takes center stage in her collection. Not just that, she also steps ahead to capture human interventions shaping the narrative to a great extent. One can realize the fact by having a glimpse of the platter.

For instance, one can find a woman breathing serendipity while soaking her soul and heart in the water body. The black background conceals her body to a great extent. Not just that, the light rays land subtly on the surface to add glitter to the iconic scene. Also, her face peeps out of the water to speak for her mind and heart to the viewers.

Moving ahead, one can also find another female figure trying to catch the light rays making their out of some holes in her hands in another of art pieces. Apart from that, one can also cherish the beauty of pink flowers through a glass with condensed water drops lacing its surface. The icy view shifts the experience a notch higher for the art lovers.


A woman lies on the green floor with her skates on. One can see her breathing in the moments of relief and serenity. Thus, peaceful delight fills in the sphere for the art lovers through the photographs by the artist.

Adding a feather in her photography hat, the artist has won the much-celebrated Maine in America award. The art lovers can grab the bits to the full by paying a visit to her site. Not just that, they can also go through social media platforms for that purpose. There is enough to suit the artistic urges around.

Thus, the photography world is at its acme with the power of creativity and unique themes on the platter.