Christina Mrozik’s Monochromatic Illustrations Showcase Birds Clutching Their Hearts

An artist named Christina Mrozik has ignited the whirls of emotions through his monochromatic illustrations of the feathery creatures falling. Weaving the perturbing scenes, he tries to take one back to the times of fall and rejuvenations. They descend and try to hold on their bleeding organs to shed light on the turmoil in ‘Coraticum’ through the stages of reconstruction.


Agonies of life help the subjects in laying the edifice of a stable future. The nerve-wracking times go a long way in helping one see and cherish the truths of life and world in the best possible way. The wrath of moments makes one reconsider the handling of one’s matter. Bringing the facets out in the brightest hues, an artist named Christina Mrozik has tossed up his latest series.

Christina possesses the experience of wading through the troubled water that lives throw in for the souls. He has balanced his take on the bumpy patches and weary moments. The mental and emotional turmoil has helped him in finding out the gems of life. He has managed to press open the shells of bliss and power to keep his life intact and afloat. Thus, the artist decided to share his experience and throw up the soothing bits for the delight of the world.

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What fragile bits do we want to protect and does protecting them form a new cage? What is our system of self preservation? ❂ You are only as trapped as the strength of your cage You are only as protected as the pith of your bones You are held together by your own making Knit from a growing history. Wrappings of preservation and evaporation alike. ❂  ‘Safekeeping’ is part of my solo Coraticum currently at @antlerpdx. SOLD. . . . . #Contemporaryartgallery #contemporaryartwork #contemporaryartcollector #galleryartist #collectart #darkartwork #spookyart #rawart #darksurrealist #darksurrealism #hifructose #hifructoseMag #thisiscolossal #beautifulbizarre #beautifulbizarremag #juztapoz #juxtapozmag #booooooom #paintguide

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He settled down to create some monochromatic illustrations to depict the perturbing yet true moments through the gracious feathery creatures. Not just that, he also tried to recollect the process of resurrection of life and reconstruction of the broken soul and heart through various steps.

He portrayed the white birds losing their power to uphold as they make their way down with their bleeding organs. The broken kings of the sky try hard to put up a fight against the ruthless face of life. The artist then went ahead to gather the bits together and put up the process of reconstruction through the steps- “The Eye of Recollection” to memory, “Safekeeping” to self-preservation, “The Ten Intuitions” to desire and instinct, “Colliding in Reverse” to letting go, and “Untethering Permissions” to questions about authority.

He has pooled the patches of toil under the title- ‘Coraticum’. The term hails from the vibrant frontiers of Latin with ‘cor’ meaning heart.

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What does the core of you speak and how often is it at odds with itself? Can you make room for this? ✺ Each heart is a question In need of discernment A sense of the ways you could move And have The knowledge, the hope, the dangling confusion The life blood hampered in vein . The ten intuitions : Temperature The texture and clarity of the air in any room Knowing when someone loves you Knowing when someone doesn’t The mystery held in each living thing The mystery held in stone How to get to point a to point b without tripping How to let yourself fall flat on your face How to mend a broken bone And don’t forget resurrection ✺ The Ten Intuitions is currently on display at @antlerpdx for my show Coraticum. Please email [email protected] for info about purchasing the original. P.s. there is one heart for each intuition. . . . #hifructose #hifructoseMag #thisiscolossal #beautifulbizarre #beautifulbizarremag #juztapoz #juxtapozmag #booooooom #paintguide #Contemporaryartgallery #contemporaryartwork #contemporaryartcollector #galleryartist #collectart

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As per the learned men, “It represents the beginning place from which feelings unfold, the center, the seed. I see this as the place before the stem or the root, before the flower or the honey”.

The illustrations present the birds in surreal postures with their heads missing mostly. Not just that, the artist has also highlighted the worldly souls trying to feather their nests from the toil of the subjects. Various creatures like butterflies, vines, etc. coil around the degrading souls tussling to hold their bits and parts together.

Taking on the project, he shared, “I had been undergoing a major rearrangement in my relationship, rewiring my brain’s response to chronic pain and learning about the history of trauma on my nervous system. The way I moved internally was under massive rearrangement and self-scrutiny, and I was doing my best to find where to put things. Then quarantine hit and it felt like the work of rearrangement was happening externally on a global level”.

Making waves around the world and disseminating the golden life lessons, one can grab the bits of the series running solely at Antler Gallery in Portland. Not just that, the art lovers can also pocket their prints in the books and at his shop.