Catherine Panebianco Re-Imagines Family Moments Using Her Dad’s Old Slides

An artist named Catherine Panebianco dives deep in the memory lanes to explore her version in the photography world. The photographer absorbs the scenes in photographs of the past and then looks for their present-day versions. She holds the slide before the present-day location to forge a connection between the two and celebrate nostalgia in ‘No Memory Is Ever Alone’.


Past is not a dump yard for some of the creative souls. It offers the bits of inspirations and power to help them build their pursuits on them. Memory lanes offer them the shimmering bits to illuminate their sphere delightfully. Breathing in the charm of the good old moments, an artist named Catherine Panebianco has taken the stage by storm with her iconic photography series for the art lovers.

The photographer from Jamestown (New York) has built on the time that she spent with her family. Her creative nerves pump in the pleasure she cherished when her father to arranged for a slide session. He used to project the pictures he had captured during his early life. Then, he would make them grab the stories behind the scenes to enrich them with nostalgic bits.

Celebrating those moments of family time, the artist went ahead to recapture them uniquely. She let her creativity mingle with the nostalgic waves in her mind. After that, she worked out the ways to bring them in the frame. For that, she began to look for the places that resembled the ones in the slides by her dad. Then, she held it before the present-day backdrops to forge a link between past and present.


Not just that, she also tried to make them reflect on the dynamism of life- the time when her father had got the slide and the present-day click by her. After that, she went ahead to pool her clicks together to put up her photography series-‘No Memory Is Ever Alone’.

Most of the slides feature her mother, who lost her life but thrives in her heart. Thus, it does not take a second on the part of the viewers to grab the effervescence of nostalgia adorning the frame. As the art lovers can notice, she has not used Photoshop to get the clicks in one frame. The artist has gone ahead to do it manually for her.

The bits of series advance in the sphere to recreate the family time with the present-day hues.


Shedding on her inspiration- her family time and holidays, she shared, “(Dad) used to bring out a box of slides that he photographed in his late teens and early 20s every Christmas and made us view them on an old projector on our living room wall telling the same stories every year”.

Adding to that, she said, “It was a consistent memory from a childhood where we moved a lot and I never felt like I had a steady “place” to live and create memories”.

Also, taking on her efforts in setting the stage for her clicks, she said, “Part of the process that was necessary for me was to find the right location and feel my dad’s slides united with how I live today—a place within a place, a memory within a memory”.

The art lovers can go through social media platforms to check out and cherish the bits and parts of the series. Apart from that, one can also head to her website to get a better peep into her nostalgic photography world.