Bouke’s Porcelain Sculptures Use Shattered Ceramics For “Three-Dimensional Still Lifes”

An artist named Bouke de Vries takes the sphere by storm by coming up with the iconic sculptures adorning his counter. The Netherland-born and London-based artist finds the art thriving in the broken ceramics around him. He goes ahead to group the damaged bits to create some iconic and new sculptures, providing them with a new lease and identity.


It takes a few seconds to spot the chartbusters in the world of ceramics. It imbues one with thrill and contentment to see the artists shaping the pieces out of the ceramics. However, a few of them have the ability and power to shape the iconic art pieces from the broken bits. An artist named Bouke de Vries features in the list to put on some out of the bits art pieces on the shelves.

Working as a restorer in porcelain for 15 years, Bouke finally found his art interest in assembling the broken bits of the ceramics to open up his sphere of art and bliss. He began to look for the damaged and discarded bits of ceramics to advance on the trail of art to satiate his artistic urge. Going ahead, he ended up putting his creativity at the center of the affair to create some out of the world art pieces.


After that, he settled down to array them and give way to the refreshing bits. Finally, his masterpieces waft in the sphere, riding on the broken colorful bits and parts. Adding to that, he advances to reflect on his liking for Kintsugi. The artist based in London goes ahead to highlight the cracks and patches with the gold lacquer.

He only puts the damaged ceramics at his disposal and does not break the ceramics separately to power up his art spree in the sphere. Thus, the parts retain their original charm and grace while setting up tones for the new ones. One can grab the bits by taking a stroll through the art lanes of the Netherland-born artist.

One can check out the sculpture of the Buddhist goddess- Guan Yin (goddess of compassion, mercy, and kindness). She adds to the charm of the platter with the backing of the art and creativity of the artist. Not just that, one can also cherish the fruit bowls, pots and other ceramics bits. Some of them don the support of butterflies and insects to build a shimmering narrative.


Taking on his art, he shared, “I compose these pieces as, after the painter has finished with them, the ceramics get broken and decayed, and I breathe new life into them. The butterfly in still life is a symbol for the resurrection in (the) way I see what I do through my work”.

He bestows his artworks with the title- “three-dimensional still lifes.”. Thus, he soars ahead to depict the dynamism of life. One can see many aspects of life bubbling in the sphere through the sculptures. He goes ahead to weave different perspective and art forms in his sculptures to win the likes of art lovers.

To his delight, he is having his hands full. He is working out his might shape some large projects. Not just that, he is also working out new pieces and assignments. One can check out the entrance of one of Sotheby’s Bond Street galleries that basks with the charm of his art. His social media accounts provide a peep in his art world.

Ceramics are thus cherishing the best spirits in new forms.