Body Parts And Garments Drift Away From Regardt Van Der Meulen’s Steel Sculptures

An artist named Regardt Van Der Meulen does not hold his creative soul back from coming up with steel sculptures that reflect on the invincible truth of mortality. The Johannesburg-based artist works out the evoking art gems by presenting body parts detached from the body or baring a negative space. His art pieces underscore the immutable facet of human life.


Life is full of bumps and chasms. One has to step carefully to stifle the worst wrecking one’s life. This uncertainty of life spawns instability and negative vibes around. The vitiating moments leave a deep imprint on the mind of souls. But the recognition of mortality gets under the carpet with the winds of hubris enveloping human lives. Pushing in the truth of instability, an artist named Regardt Van Der Meulen has booked the art spaces for his spectacular sculptures.

The Johannesburg-based artist does not shy away from grabbing some unbeatable truths and facets of life. He gets around living and feeling the bits doing rounds. Construing the angles and bends, he goes ahead to translate the analytical picture of life into his steel sculptures. He does not halt there and adds the hues of fascination to come up with an evoking presentation.


Celebrating incompleteness in his works, he sculpts bodies having their parts detached. A limb isolates as the figure takes a step ahead. Apart from that, he also highlights the surreal notion of ephemerality by carving figures in intriguing poses and supporting negative spaces. It looks like their bodies are fading away with time making its mark.

Apart from that, he tries to bring out the vulnerability of bodies. He tries to relate that to the ever-changing surroundings and circumstances that cast a devastating spell on the bits. The eccentric presentations of parts also emphasize the waves of instability that lash one after one. Running to form a broader theme, they also shed light on the withering spectacle.


Taking a stroll through his art alleys, one can stumble across his “Untitled” (2018) (mild steel, 1900 x 1850 x 900 millimeters). One can see a woman stepping ahead as her body lose its parts in the air. Taking a similar line, one can cherish “Twigs” (2017) (mild steel, 2,300 x 1,600 x 1,200 millimeters) that presents branches running around to form the body of a man. Throwing up introspecting moments, he tosses up “Shadow” (steel, 2.8 x 1 meter), showing a man lost in his thoughts with his body supporting spaces.

Shedding light on his penchant for his art, he shared, “I am fascinated by human mortality and the fleeting moments we spend here. One often forgets how fragile life and our environment is. We think we are part of a binary relationship with nature when in fact we are one. Sudden changes in our environment or experiences can instantly shift our perspective on how we view life and our role in it”.


Thus, the dynamism of life penetrates deep to give some inspirational bouts to its art initiatives. He also uses the magic of geometry. It mingles with natural bits to come up with stunning steel vibes on his art pieces. Adding to that, they also put forward the rule of nature over the materialistic world. Thus, they shimmer in the art corners to expatiate on the hidden realities of life and the world.

To get the best of his evoking art pieces in his collection, one can check out their glory on social media platforms.