Ben Young’s Sculptures Of Layered Glass Showcase Cross Sections Of Lustrous Seas

An artist named Ben Young has taken the world by storm with his breathtaking sculpture. The New Zealand-based artist gets a hand-cut glass pool on the concrete structure to come up with a scintillating blue world. Not just that, he goes ahead to present traces of human life in his sculptures to mirror real-world scenarios. They celebrate various organic topographies.


Creativity is all around the art world to pump in some out of the delights for art lovers. Artists are trying their hands at different techniques and art ways to stand out in the domain. They are taking their efforts out of the bounds to weave a heartening narrative bolstering their stand. Taking that way, an artist named Ben Young has come with shimmering glass sculptures and stars on the platter.

Sculptors are cherishing the winds of change. Ben Young cements his name in that sphere. He manages to carve out his position by getting different materials together in his sculptures. The New Zealand-based artist brings sturdy concrete and fragile glass together to come with heart-warming elements on the board. Shaping his artistic stars, he starts with a concrete structure having an uneven surface.


Then, he goes ahead to align a hand-cut glass pool on the structure. The glass section goes hand in hand with the concrete base to make way for a breath-taking marine landscape. Not just that, he steps ahead to add bits of reality to the art pieces by having traces of human figures featuring in them. He places figures standing on the shore or rowing on the sea surface.

The ocean and other water bodies thus manage to strike their real-life look and environment. The glass part provides a clear view of the breathtaking sphere bubbling beneath their surface. However, each piece stands out from others by presenting a different topography. One can catch vibrant cross-sections and shapes shimmering in the art pieces. Not just that, one can also find the sculptures poising with right angles and bubbling with cubic shape.


One can take a close look at the shimmering bits to cherish some scintillating facets. “Solitary Catch Awaits” (laminated clear float glass with cast concrete, bronze, and stainless steel frame, 300 x 300 x 180 millimeters) presents a beautiful and calm water body. One can see a human figure on an arch above with a fishing rod.

Moving ahead, one can come across “Sea of Separation” (laminated float glass, cast concrete, bronze, and stainless steel stand, 600 x 350 x 170 millimeters). It depicts an icy marine world stretching between two snow shores. Taking a closer look, one can find two human figures standing on the opposite shores. Adding to the delight, one can find “Still Water”. It takes one’s wonder to its pinnacle. Portraying a frozen environment, it comes with a water body with snow-laden mountains around. Not just that, one can also see a person maneuvering their boat through the dangerous route.


“Daydream” strikes the note by having a girl swinging over a calm water body. Thus, the sculptures do not stick to a particular line of depiction. They come to the fore with altering shapes and presentations. One can find a connection between them and their real counterparts with ease.

His admirers can marvel at his masterpiece by checking them out at the Black Door and the Red Sea galleries. Not just that, he also provides prints of his artworks at his shop. The social media option is also there.