Ashley Ronning’s Illustrations Pull At Heartstrings With Oozing Creativity

An artist named Ashley Ronning has managed to secure a golden place in the art world with her heart-winning illustrations. Based in Melbourne, she has drawn the heed of many brands like Hop Nation, Frankie magazine, and ABC. Armed with witty captions and playful depiction, they throw light on her art. Vibrant hues come together to add to her efforts.


Illustrations have become an integral part of the art world over the years. They provide creative souls with the freedom to let their creativity rule the matter. There is no compulsion for them to stick to a particular style. Thus, variety and freshness make up the art platters in the domain. An artist named Ashley Ronning has added to the magic of the sphere with her vibrant art pieces.

Her life has been full of ups and downs when it comes to the art of illustration. She used to devote her time to the activity just as a past –time. But then she thought to have a career in the domain. Thus, she decided to whet her illustration skills. Pursuing her goal, she landed at the university in Canberra. But with the passage of time at the university, she realized that she could not thrive in the domain. She lost her hopes in the art and left.


Then she moved to Shillington and began her part-time studies there. Then, she came across her teacher Steph, who pushed her to take up graphic designing and prop making in the TV and film industry. Accepting the suggestion, she set graphic design at the center of her works. But she did not abandon the art of illustration completely. She continued to pursue it as a past-time activity without having any other intention.

But fate had something else in store for her. She began receiving commissions, not for graphic designs but for her illustrations. That gave her the confidence and strength to beat a retreat to her original passion. That marked the full-fledged beginning of her career as an illustrator. She went ahead to improve on her lot and skills to create a mark in the domain. Her efforts have also paid off. Her works have managed to catch the heed of brands like Hop Nation, Frankie magazine, and ABC on the board.


Thus, she has cherished the fruits of her decision to drift back to the full.

One can check out her art platter to go into the depth of her technique. For instance, one can see one of her illustrations saying, “NICE TO MEET SHOE”, with a subtle background. In another of her art piece, one can see a bed sheet spread on the grass beside a bag. It says, “the day is warm and sunny.” To the delight of art lovers, there is enough variety on the platter. One can cherish various themes bubbling around.

Ashley keeps herself engrossed in drawing, risograph printing and working her magazines in her studio.


Taking on the shift between graphic design and illustration, she shared, “I had gone to uni in Canberra to study arts but soon found it wasn’t for me,” she admitted. “I moved to Melbourne in 2011 and studied part-time at Shillington. One of my teachers Steph nudged me towards pursuing graphic design and prop making in film and TV.”

Adding to that, she said, “There are downsides of course, like trying to keep regular work going and boring business stuff, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.”