Artists Built A Giant 38-Foot Whale With Plastic Waste From The Oceans, This Project Conveys An Important Message

We all are well aware of the number of environmental problems that exist presently. It is a very serious concern as there is no alternative to our mother nature and if this goes on at the same pace, we will have to look for one! The good news is that awareness is being created, the one step being taken by STUDIOKCA focusing on the plastic waste in oceans.


We all know that art has the power to convey messages that are crucial and need to reach a large audience. An event in Bruges, Belgium offered an amazing platform for artists as well as architects to showcase their talent by creating and constructing the best of the pieces revolving around the theme of liquidity.

The artists had some innovative ideas and one idea by New York architecture and design company, STUDIOKCA stood out for all the good reasons. They chose to put forward a serious concern of plastic waste in the oceans through their huge construction.

Matthias Desmet

Wondering how they did that? It was an incredible step and undoubtedly impactful!

So, they constructed an enormous humpback whale, a breaching one and by enormous, we mean having a height of 38-foot (yes, that huge!). It is named Skyscraper and we totally agree with this!

Matthias Desmet

The artists and architects at the firm brought this piece to life with the help of Hawaii Wildlife Fund as they had a key role to play as well. The plastic from the oceans was gathered by cleaning the beaches and if you are guessing the amount of plastic collected, then you need to take a “big” guess as the actual number was 10,000 pounds. This is no exaggeration, that much of plastic was found in the oceans!

This number makes us really sad as plastic is ruining our environment and these numbers do not seem to take a dive anytime soon. The current situation is that there are heaps of plastic waste in the oceans all around the world as cities give out 150 million tons of plastic into the waters.

Matthias Desmet

Construction of that whale was not an easy task (obviously!) as it required delivering all the essential components to Bruges. The entire designing process happened under the leadership of Jason Klimoski and Lesley Chang and the project completion starting from plastic waste collection to putting the whale in place took four months and we can say it was all worth it!

This whale made of plastic waste from the oceans is giving out a vital message and it’s high time we understand that. We need to give a lot more thinking about what we are doing to our environment and maybe change certain things on our level!