Artistic Duo Constructs Earth’s Structure With Coiling Art Using 3D Printing

The artists named Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello teamed up to change the way and matter for the architectural domains. The artist duo has put earthen structures with muddy coils towering up to shed light on the Ancestral Pueblo and Indo-Hispano cultures of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. They have rocked with their efforts titled “Casa Covida”.


The architectural world is witnessing times of reckoning with artists from different domains and skill set landing in its lands. Its sphere is blossoming with the piquant hues. The shades of modernity are flowing all down to unlock nascent trails welcoming and powering creativity. But rare are the artists who chose to walk the trend by fusing the remnants of past with whip-smart modern world. Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello are upholding the silver-line.

The artist duo believes and supports the eternal magic of culture and tradition in cementing the steps of iconic architectural gems. They hold a big name in the architectural world with some out of the world projects. They try to fuse the heart-warming elements of the art and architecture through their art gems.

The creative souls have come together to bring out the perspective in new and remarkable shades. To set the stage up for their team spree, they joined together to recreate the golden age of Pueblo de Los Ángeles.

Accompanying their golden feat, a ‘robot’ covered the miles with them. It appeared on the scene back and again to dig the earth and materials to open the deepest corners for the artists and empowered their exploration. Not just that, the technological bounty also helped its masters to shape and build the mud structures and followed the traces of the much-celebrated and conspicuous Indo-Hispano cultures of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Going ahead bit by bit, they ended up with earthen structures standing high on mud coils. The coils, however, took zigzag arrangement when they were wet and losing their moisture to the blazing sun. The structure thus draws its roots in modern and ancient architecture techniques and methods. It supports the quality experience for the visitors with a bathing pool, sleeping areas, and fireplace seats for two. Thus, the wanderlusts can plan big and win memorable bits in the muddy structure.

Not just that, the architectural bits shields the visitors from the biting cold with its remarkable facades coming into view with a few rows. Some corners go ahead to provide fireplace to cut through the darkness looming large in the structures. Also, they are large enough to help visitors to find a way to take on the unbearable cold enveloping the structure.

The cylindrical structures look stunning in the barren land with muddy texture embellishing them. Putting their efforts together, the artist duo christened the project “Casa Covida”.

To make its charm smash the previous records, it sealed a place in the MUD Frontiers/Zoquetes Fronterizos. The project has won the 2020 Art + Technology grant from LACMA. It is penning down the rise of an all-new architectural era.

The project tends to bring out “traditional clay craft at the scale of architecture and pottery. The end goal of this endeavor is to demonstrate that low-cost and low-labor construction that is accessible, economical, and safe is possible”.

The project by La Florida, Colorado, and Oakland-based artists goes a long way shedding light on the unique art.

The architecture and art are gradually mingling with each other to evolve an-all new sphere.