Artist Stitches Vibrant Surroundings With The Charm Of Embroidery

An artist named Victoria Richards added to the charm of her surroundings by putting their beauty on her embroidery canvass. She used her free time to the full to stitch some of the stunning bits of her lush-green surroundings. The artist recently created the aerial view of green landscape with her thread-needle art that rocked the art world.


Needle and thread are getting closer day by day as the artists are going ahead to use their charm to depict their thoughts and obscured facets of nature and the human world. Souls, from different walks of life having different notions, are festooning the embroidery world with their creativity. One of them is an artist named Victoria Richards who is stealing the pearls of fame with her art.

The love for thread and needle surfaced in her life when she found herself in the clutches of boredom. Her last year at University was bringing in more despair that added to the agonies of her Asperger’s syndrome. There was plenty of time with her to sit back and hold herself in perdition. Thus, time was up for her to let her minutes pass unproductively like that. She started looking at things around her that could fascinate her soul and serve some bits of solace to her.

After pouring over a couple of things, her heart grabbed the charm of embroidery. She was scrolling through some embroidery landscape online when she decided to let the love of thread and needle embellish her free time. The artist went around in the quest of some sparkling shades in her grandmother’s old embroidery tin. Finally, she embarked herself on the trail of embroidery in October 2018.

Taking on her journey, Victoria shared, “I’m someone who is prone to depressive moods, and realized at university last year that a key trigger for this is boredom. I’ve always had a thing for art, and decided to do some to fill my empty spaces between studying—I’d already tried many types through my life and never really found an art medium I could fall in love with”.

The UK-based artist looks into the interplay of natural and human-made elements. Then she picks up the shades that can complement her imagination. She stitches together the elements of her surroundings. The English countryside stars shine brightly in her works. Not just that but she also grabs the aerial charm of the farmlands. The satellite view also comes up on her platter of subjects.

For instance, the artist stitched lush-green fields of yellow tulips with azure sky. A grey road goes down to shine brightly. Then there is one in which she has depicted the beauty of a calm night with the sparkling stars.

To spread the waves of her art, she created an Instagram page. She crowned it as ‘chromato-mania’. The title sheds light on her color-pick.

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Due to the bushfires in Australia, 100% of the price of this piece will be donated to the Australian Red Cross. There have been many posts like this I've seen over the past week, but almost all of them focus on the animals… while this is a fantastic cause, the people who have been evacuated and lost their homes need support to! If you're not interested in the art piece, considering donating directly via their site! I chose this piece as it was the most popular of the Cosmic Rotations series – it's available on my Etsy, the link is in my bio! . . . #prayforaustralia #prayforaustralia🇦🇺 #australia #savetheplanet #savetheanimals #savethepeople #australianbushfires #australianredcross #artforsale #meteorite #cosmic #embroidery #embroideryart #embroiderylove #dmc #dmcembroidery #dmcthreads #threadpainting #makersgonnamake #stitchersgonnastitch #modernembroidery #stitches #stitching #textileartist #fabricartist #embroidelicious #handembroidery #britishstitchers

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Connecting her autism with her art, she said, “But I think my Asperger’s syndrome also plays a part. I have sensory sensitivity due to my autism and the world is high definition around me—small noises are too loud, colors are too bright, small touches are overwhelming and stressful. To me, everything around me is emphasized, so I guess it makes sense that I perhaps emphasize things like color in my art too, as it seems natural to me”.

The charm of her embroidery is up in the air to light up the art world.