Artist Recreated Disney Characters As Avengers

Disney is an owner of numerous characters such that an ocean could be filled up with those characters, still leaving a left-over Jedi. Though Disney was not the sole owner of every IP but it was the owner of most of them. Having an access to the rights of these characters were the sole dream of many studios.


The Mouse House comprised of a roster of characters. It was really crazy that various studios had an eye over the rights to the MCU. Even if the MCU was not available, they were ready to accept the ownership of the rights to Pixar and Star Wars. Apart from these, other animated films created by Disney were considered as a juggernaut unto themselves. Most importantly, Frozen had an omnipresent signature value.

An organization possessing so many IPs was surely subjected to some or the other problems such as the imagination of some outrageous cultural crossovers by general public. A French artist and illustrator, Samuel Chevé presented a series of Disney mashups at Geeks Are Sexy. He recreated and recast the Avengers with some of the famous cartoon characters of Disney. On his Instagram profile, he took some of the beloved animated characters and presented them as Earth’s, mightiest heroes.


He chose characters from the renowned Marvel Cinematic Universe and make the whole theme look like Disney Animation threw the greatest Avengers-themed costume party ever. Some of his amazing presentations were Flynn related to Tony, Anna to Natasha, Kristoff to Steve, Kristoff to Peter, Anna to Gamora, Elsa to Carol and Elsa to Hela. Moreover, he took this theme forward by adding other characters too such as, Matthias to T’Challa, Vanellope to Morgan, Shank to Diana, Bob to Red and Moana to Brunehilde.

Samuel released these character illustrations and got them published under his professional name Lamuse. The mashup collection garnered numerous views, likes and comments on social media. People found it really awe-striking and appreciated his work.

One may have a look at his social media accounts to get a glance of his art. You may not be an art connoisseur, but you shall definitely like the work that he has done. It shall definitely be mesmerizing for anyone.

One such work of this French artist is of Captain America, and his original look (before the Infinity War look). Not only this, the artist has also given a makeover to the famous teen entertainer, The Spiderman.

Thus, one should definitely check the transformation of the Avenger.