Artist Elaborately Embroiders Insects And Animals From Precious Metals

An embroidery artist named Laura Baverstock won the world with her out of the world creations. Her designs generally consist of animals and insects carved out with colorful threads and precious stones on the apparels.


Art does not need any defined platform to disseminate its colors. It can paint the world with its glitters in any form. One would strongly agree to this golden fact after having a glimpse of the embroidery artworks of an artist named Laura Baverstock.

The colorful journey of the artist started at the Royal School of Needlework. She managed to seal her degree in Hand Embroidery. After that, there was no looking back for the great artist. The film and fashion industries eventually opened their doors for the creative artist. Her work rocked the world when the eminent costume designer named Alexandra Byrne got nominated for Oscar Award for the outfits of actors of the Mary Queen of Scots.

Laura had worked on the great designs and brought them out on the golden platter. The fashion world has cherished her work and designs. As a result, she ended up bagging a worldwide recognition and praise from big fashion icons across the globe.

Based in London, Laura has unveiled a new aspect of embroidery and designing. The woman is famous across the globe for needling magnificent animals and insects with colorful threads and sparkling stones. Her needlework shines brightly with its unique charm. Lions, beetles, butterflies, etc. have all made their way on the artful list of the artist. These creatures, resting on apparels, add a new charm to them.

A blue-yellow octopus on blue apparel seems to be full of life. The golden lion, embroidered with its bushy mane on a black base, perfectly reflects its chivalry. Then there is a honey bee which is carved out with yellow and brown shiny threads. It looks so real that one may end up losing nerves on feeling its curves.

The artist has embroidered this bright creature under the embroidered British crown. This framed creation of threads looks like a great creation of an eminent painter. Some colorful beetles and butterflies have also made their way on the apparels to add to her glory. So Laura has a big collection of her shiny artwork.

The embroidery artist, basking in the limelight, shared that Embroidery has a rich history. She said that she had found specialized nature of the craft and the variety of traditional techniques to be hugely inspiring. Adding to her artwork, she shed some light on the fact that needlework has the versatility and universal appeal. So she particularly strived to push the boundaries of three-dimensional hand embroidery and precious metal gold work. Her work mainly focuses on natural themes and realism present in the world.

Laura is a big inspiration for the souls who are obsessed with threads and needles art.