Art Meets Science With Laser-Cut Paper That Coils Into Intricate Vessels

Ibbini Studio is the place where art meets science to toss-up bits of wonder for art lovers. Abu Dhabi-based artist Julia Ibbini and computer scientist Stephane Noyer have been facilitating the thrilling union with their skills since 2017. They craft out remarkable coiled paper-vessels by using artistic and machine vibes. Their ‘Symbio Vessels’ reflects out on the heart-winning facet.


Art and science seem to thrive poles apart to some. But their charm goes on to mingle to throw up the scintillating elements to disapprove the belief. Thanks to the creative souls striving around the world, one can find them converging at many points in time and life. Facilitating one such union, the Abu Dhabi-based artist Julia Ibbini and computer scientist Stephane Noyer have got the narrative rolling in the sphere.

Powering creative hues at their studio- Ibbini Studio, they soar ahead to put their passions at their best. Keeping the organic structures at the core of their initiative, they go on framing the cornerstone of their art pieces. The botanics and various tessellations drawings come up to mark the first step in the art process. After that, they move forward to feed that design into the custom parametric design software. It processes the final look of the vessel in three-dimension to help them come up with the modifications.


After getting done with processing, they move to the laser part. They get the laser cut out the individual rings from archival paper or card. Leaving behind the mechanical bits, they then settle down to glue the layer together. Finally, the spiraling paper vessels come up to highlight their efforts.

Working on the geometric principles and the divide between digital and analog techniques, they take on the intricate processes and part together in their studio. One can cherish their efforts by launching oneself on the trails of amusement. A pot with spiraling paper layers evolves into the scene to mesmerize the viewers in the best way. The floral design cut-outs stand in layers to reflect on the creative work of the artists.


Diving deeper in their art ocean, one can find the layers holding together to throw up vessels of all shapes and designs. From long to short, every bit on the platter ropes in the charm of the paper vessel world to a great extent. Not just that, one can also lose one’s heart to white and black variations that come up beautifully on their surface. Thus, despite their paper origins, all of them look stunning with their unique identity and look on the platter.

Taking on the art theme, the studio shared, “The final pieces display an idea of contrasts and collaboration. The flaws which come with the human hand contribute to the beautiful end result”.

The iconic bits entice the art lovers by coming as series with the title- ‘Symbio Vessels’. It is rocking the sphere with its elegance and charm. The paper vessel theme is coaxing art lovers to try out the bliss by heading for the science and art union.


Not just pictures, one can also grab the process by looking for the video that captures the intricate process. One can head to their website to find more of the thrilling bits bubbling their studio. Not just that, many social media platforms also go ahead to bestow one with the chance to grab the art in full bloom.

Thus, there are many ways for interested souls to absorb the amusing paper vessel bliss around them.