Anonymous Duo ‘Frank Moth’ Create Digital Collages Of Playful, Past And Future

A pair of anonymous artists working by ‘Frank Moth’ greets the art lovers on the other end with their remarkably intriguing digital collages. They surge to put together the bits of past and future to build their sphere of art. Not just that, they break the ceiling by merging the retro visuals with the natural and botanical bits and elements.


Collage offers the space and liberty for the elements to mingle and reflect on the perspective of the artist. The heart-wining fusion of the bits goes a long way to woo the art lovers. They thus open multidimensional approach for them with their vibrancy. Making a mark in the domain, a pair of anonymous artists works the iconic pieces of creativity and fascination through their digital collages.

The working souls behind the much-celebrated ‘Frank Moth’ look around to breathe in the bits of inspiration and ideas for their masterpieces. They traverse across the boundaries of past and future to come up with the unique and refreshing piece of art in a digital way. They soar ahead to lay down the layers of time elements and characteristics to forge a link to the iconic perspectives for the viewers.

For them, their digital collage acts as “nostalgic postcards from the future”. To varnish the platform for the viewers, they go on adding the elements from the natural arena in their digital collages. The retro visuals find their companions in the botanical and outer space delight, adorning the sphere. Carrying on their spree, they end up creating playful, futuristic or romantic affairs for the art lovers.


The Veria, Greece-based artists make their sources work at their best to grab the photographs of the subjects for their art pieces. They find their gems sparkling in the library and museum databases. Apart from that, they work their way out through the websites that offer copyright-free elements. Thus, they manage to lay down the core of their art spree with the support of desired elements.

Their digital collage shimmer ahead to win heed with their evoking and intriguing nature, themes and presentation. For instance, in one of the art pieces, the art lovers can see a black man with the view of thriving flora and fauna adorning his head. In another of their art piece, one can see a man looking down from a building touching the universe heights with moon standing close.

Not just that, their imagination breaks the ice in one of their art pieces. A woman admires the beauty of Earth from a landscape in the outer space. Thus, their digital collage performs well on creativity and fascination to win their fans in the crowded sphere.



Shedding light on their work, they said, “Our work almost always revolves around introspection, soul searching, and universal themes like eternity and human vices”.

Further elaborating on that front, they pieced together, “We still have our own huge inventory of images that we have been growing and expanding for many years, after endless digging and searching in databases of very old photos and scanned clippings of old magazines from the 60s and 70s”.

Their admirers can keep their souls update with their projects and art pieces by getting with them on the social media sphere. Not just that, one can also win the possession of their masterpieces by switching to Society6 and sealing their iconic art pieces.

Thus, there is no end of the road in the domain of the digital collage of the artists.