Anna Devís And Daniel Rueda Turn Architecture Into Playful Portraits

The artist duo named Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda lets the stunning architecture and background in their pictures take charge. The Valencia-based photographers arrange their subjects in line with the setting to sow the seeds of bliss and humor. Not just that, they keep it real without falling back on any photo-editing software. Thus, their art shines at its best.


Photography is not about waiting for the right moment only. Sometimes, the photographer has to construct the right moment for them. It is at this point that their creativity evolves at the fore and leads the way ahead. Their heart takes the call and brings in heart-warming elements in the frame. Adding more to that line, the artist duo Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda come with a platter full of stunning and evoking pictures in their art domain.

For Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda, photography is not only about clicking moments, but it goes beyond that. It is the medium through which they let their thoughts and emotions strum the strings of their creativity. Their love for it lets them take it to another level to make way for a unique and engaging picture in the frame. Hence, it moves beyond the mundane brackets to have them explore the best side of their creativity.


Setting the notes right for their project, they take up detailed planning. They start by sketching out their idea. After that, they go on improving that lot and adding more final touches. Making further strides, they look out for locations and scenes that connect to their theme and idea. Going that way, they usher their attention on the architectural wonders thriving around them. Finally, they arrange their subjects with different props to match with the scintillating backdrop shimmering around.

The result of their efforts is some beautiful pictures evoking humor and bliss for their viewers. Living that facet to the full, one can delve into their starry art platter. In one of the pictures, one can see a woman holding a yellow balloon against the beach scene. The yellow balloon takes after the sun in the picture. In another picture, one can find a female flaring her red skirt against a classic building. Taking that to another level, one woman poses with another architecture masterpiece, making waves around. Many other architectural gems are lining on the scene to add to their fame and artistic flair.


To one’s amusement, they come with heart-winning pictures without roping in the photo-editing software. They make use of natural lighting to capture a perfect picture. Shedding light on that part, Devis shared, “We carefully set the stage in real life using all sorts of everyday objects, colorful papers, matching outfits, and tons of natural light. At first glance, one would probably think that most of our images are not very difficult to capture because of their modest appearance. But, with the passing years, we’ve learned that achieving this level of simplicity is really, really complicated.”

Taking on their plans to travel more, she said, “there are a lot of beautiful spaces where we’d love to tell a story, but we haven’t figured it out yet.”

Not just that, they have also got a book and exhibitions in the pump line. Social media platforms also host their artworks. Adding to that, one can also look forward to sealing a deal for their pictures by checking out their site. Thus, one can find one’s favorite in their sphere in many ways.