Aerial Photography Captured Iconic London Shapes

A photographer named Bernhard Lang stole the limelight. He clicked some “aerial” view of London. The photographs brought out the imperfect geometrical architecture of the capital of the United Kingdom. He put together the photographs to bring out a series named “Aerial Views: London”.


London tops the chart when it comes to the list of iconic places in the world. It is a result of the fusion of modern and ancient elements. It is not a peculiar thing to find photographers mapping its lanes through their art. But a photographer named Bernhard Lang opened up a new side of the art world by presenting some aerial photographs of the city.

Bernhard Lang was bracing up for a trip to the United Kingdom in July 2019. He was excited to hunt the lanes of the majestic country. London was at the heart of the schedule of his trip. Finally, the Munich-based photographer landed in the country of vibrant colors.

He wanted to give a new touch to his trip. So he ended up deciding to capture the aerial view of the city. He took a helicopter trip and flew over many iconic spots of the city. The list of places included Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. According to him, these sites are “stored in our visual memory”.

The artist completed his spree with a happy heart. He managed to click some breathtaking pictures of the city. Not just the places but the photographs also brought out some amazing fact of London’s architecture. One can catch the feature of all the places- the imperfect geometry.

For instance, the photograph capturing Trafalgar Square sheds light on the uneven geometry. The gap between the buildings is not uniform and does not represent any perfect shape. Then there is another photograph that captures the hub of ancient buildings. The buildings are no perfect squares or rectangles. But the structures are unique in their architecture. They do not define any particular geometrical shape.

The photographs are not all about the shape of architecture. They also capture the elements of the fast lanes of the city. The cars and double-decker buses add to the charm. There is one photograph that captured the boats scattered in the lake of London. There are also some flyovers running across the city that add a silver lining. The people racing fast to make their way to their destinations bring out the busy life of the capital of the Kingdom.

This beauty of the parts of London is not visible on the ground. Thus, the artist was right on his part to capture the charm of the city by taking a helicopter ride.

The artist is not keeping the iconic collection to himself. But he is also going ahead to provide his fans with the fine art prints of the photographs. The interested souls can seek the prints through his website. Other than that, they can also cherish his art by paying an online visit to his Instagram page.

So London has got one aerial gem in its crown.