A Fusion Of Fauna-Flora To Festoon Death And Life

An artist named Nunzio Paci draws out the charm of fauna bubbling in the midst of life and death. To add some pearls of reality, he fuses the mute beings with the aura of flora. Some of them stand with raised eyes while others rest in peace in the warmth of flowers and vines. These paintings are rocking the world.


Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Both have their charm and pulchritude. It takes a great deal of efforts on the part of artists to combine the beauty of these two spheres. But an artist named Nunzio Paci defied the hardcore fact by painting out the colorful world featuring life and death in tandem.

Sitting at his place at Lingnan University (Hong Kong), Paci was taking a deep dive in the pool of his memories. He was working out the theme of his project by grabbing some stunning facets of life on Earth. Taking his approach ahead, the artist ended up grabbing the line that signifies the fusion of life and death. Finally, he ended up putting it up to lay down the foundation of the colorful paintings.

To reflect on his thoughts in a better way, he decided to make flora and fauna stand up as the protagonist of his creations. Thus, he ended up bringing fox, deer, chicken, etc. in his artistic sphere. Not just that, he also painted out some long-blooming grass and flower beds to shed light on the pulchritude of nature. Hence, from flowers to fruits, everything made way to his canvass.

Finally, he ended up with some vibrant oil paintings portraying some animals in an alert position. On the other hand, he drew animals lying down on the bushy ground to cherish the beauty of death.

For instance, one could see a fox lying over the flower beds with its face towards the sky as if it is trying to catch the racing moments of life in his “Ivy that dreams of running far” (2019). This painting dons the dimensions- 90*60cm. In the platter of the art pieces, one could find “Condition of stillness of a nameless cannibalized” (2019). One could see a rabbit cherishing death while other rabbit looking straight at him to ease its moments.

The “Blueberry chicken that thinks about tomorrow” (2019), oil on board (30 x 45 centimeters) pops up to draw the heed of the art lovers towards a fancy chicken resting on some blueberries. As the name suggests, the chicken seems taking a ride in his world of thoughts. On the other hand, “Let me rest between brome and stones” (2019), oil on board, (30.5 x 30.5 centimeters) portrays a dead deer with open eyes finding solace on green and flowery death bed.

To the delight of the art lovers, the artistic platter of Paci is doing the rounds in the exhibition- The Influence of Fellini: A Surreal 100th Birthday Celebration till February 29 in Corey Helford Gallery (Los Angeles). Art lovers can also walk up to the Instagram page of the artist.

Thus, the facet of life and death are shining the brightest to cater to your sight.

Taking on his art, the artist shared, “current exploration of the natural world and its connections with the dream sphere, nostalgia, and memory”.