A Crystal Carpet With Prismatic Patterns Covers A Salon In The Royal Palace Amsterdam

An artist named Suzan Drummen has set her gears on by unveiling her crystal-studded carpet in the salon in the Royal Palace Amsterdam. Colorful crystals shimmer beautifully on her work to cement her name in the domain with scintillating touches. The Dutch artist’s color choices go a long way in pairing with heart-winning furniture and interiors dotting the room around.


Beautiful crystals manage to win hearts not only in ordinary affairs of life. But they also go on influencing the choices in the art world. Many artists bank upon their unbeatable beauty to add an enticing facet to their works. No matter whether it is jewelry or other accessories, one can find them shimmering at their best. Building on that line, an artist named Suzan Drummen has won the narrative with her vibrant crystal-studded carpet in the domain.

Catering to the fascinating love ruling the sphere, the Dutch artist has come up with a scintillating masterpiece. Making waves in the Royal Palace Amsterdam, the carpet has managed to unveil a charming facet of art. Adding to the glory of psychedelic swirls, they work out a new line of craft. Vibrant hues take on the carpet through the beautiful crystals. Shaping a heart-winning blend of modernity and classic art, they unwind their magic against the contemporary furniture adorning the room. The crystal arrangement manages to hit the mark of perfection to reflect on the hardwork. After all, a team of four people labored for nine days to put the enticing carpet in place.

Living its beauty to the full, one can marvel at the three-dimensional facets that peep out of it to win hearts. Mesmerizing reflections and patterns evolve on the carpet to bestow it with a unique charm. The “dizzying” effect thus becomes the norm for its viewers, who fail to break away from its spell. Not just that, this also constitutes the theme that drove the artist to come up with the carpet.

Shedding light on that facet, she shared, “Phenomena like these alarm me as a person, but as a maker, I’m inspired by that dizzying multiplicity. I‘m interested in things that dazzle us, and in my work, I try to ramp that up. It’s an ongoing quest, with a constant interplay between seriousness, fear, playfulness, and hope. Above all I want it to be vibrant and vital.”

Catching the best of her masterpiece, one can delve into its details and work. The colorful play of crystals stands out against the age-old furniture ad décor that runs around the exhibition room. The richness of time joins hand with the richness of the carpet to weave a heart-winning affair in the domain. Not just that, the disoriented placement of the carpet lends it its unique beauty that goes a long way in winning hearts. Adding to that, one can also grab the vibes of confusion and uncertainty that lace the heart of her masterpiece. Its vibrancy goes a long way to set the path for a scintillating scenario.

Celebrating its charm and magic, it shimmers as a part of “Trailblazers”. The exhibition initiative sends a hearty invitation to The Royal Award for Modern Painting awardees to showcase their artistic flair and magic in the palace room. Thus, one can catch its best bits by going through the amusing pictures of the event. Not just that, the social media platform also serves as the chance for one to seal a mesmerizing time with her colorful art piece.