Willy Verginer’s Monochromatic Sculptures Are Bisected By Bands Of Bold Color

An artist named Willy Verginer has taken to wooden sculpting to let his thoughts and vision paint the art world. The Italian artist goes ahead to highlight the contrasts and conflicts in his art pieces through monochromatic paint. They take after childhood game and reflect on the dividing line between realism and his imagination. He has named his series “Rayuela”.


Wooden sculptures have been ruling over the affairs of the art world since time immemorial. No matter what age surrounds one, one can always end up stumbling across a shining wooden art piece throwing light on the vision of his creator. Not just that, they also go a long way in providing a twist to the established notions and elements in the sphere of art. An artist named Willy Verginer has added stars to the narrative with his creations.

Reality and imagination mingle together to lay the ground for the art spree of the artist. Slipping back to the remnants of the childhood games in his memory lane, he grabs the bits of inspiration and themes for his project. After shaping the delights in his heart and mind, he finally lets his creative nerves get to the task of producing some enticing bits in the sphere. He begins to carve out the evoking figures that reflect on realism and his imagination in one go.


His art pieces present adolescent figures supporting fantasy bits rising from their bodies. To highlight the shift in the narrative, he makes use of monochromatic paint. Thus, one can see the color separating the two sides of his art pieces. To keep his platter fresh, he does not stick to a specific part for separation. It varies from figure to figure to bring out his creativity in the sphere. To the delight of the viewers, there is further variation in the color tone. One can find a pastel, neutral tone, or black taking on the art pieces to pass on his intention.


Not just that, he takes the spree steps ahead by weaving an evoking sphere to analyze the ecological and societal problems that strangle the world. Thus, his art pieces are not insipid wooden sculptures. But they soar a long way to pinpoint the matters that batter the worldly souls.

In “I pensieri non fanno rumore” (150 x 100 x 107 centimeters), one can see a boy sitting on a table with wooden bubbles on his head. Not just that, white and black shades cover different parts of the art piece to highlight the contrasts. A similar trend runs through his other art pieces as well but stands unique.


Taking on his art pieces, he shared, “My largest effort and research focus on not tying myself to the naturalistic representation of figures, but on giving something more through a dreamlike study, or better an absurd one, and not an imaginary one. This world and the whole connected system were so absurd that they made me reproduce an equally absurd situation.”

He has presented his art pieces with the title “Rayuela”. Shedding light on that, he shared, “(In rayuela), kids outline an ideal map on the ground, which starts from the earth and reaches the sky, through intermediate stages marked with numbered squares, on which they jump according to where a pebble is thrown. I can see a metaphor of life in this game; our existence is full of these jumps and obstacles. Each of us aims to reach a sort of sky.”