Toys By Obvious Plant Confront Harsh Realities Of Life

An artist named Jeff Wysaski has been supplying the market shelves with his surreal art pieces over the years. Working as the Obvious Plant, he doles out toys with weird packaging and forms to reflect on the heart-piercing realities of the human world. From the truth of death to blooming loneliness, he goes on mirroring the often-ignored facets of life.


Toys are a source of joy and happiness for the little nuggets. They open up the doors of imagination to make them ready to take on the world. Thus, parents always look for the ones that could entice their kids in the best way. Giving a twist to the toy narrative in the market, an artist named Jeff Wysaski has come up with his contrasting toys and packaging.

Who does not love to pamper one’s toys? After all, they rope in the much-needed fascination and delight. But Jeff Wysaski looks the other way around. For him, they are a source of sending the reality waves. Working as the Obvious Plant, he has served the world with surreal but intriguing toys. The market shelves boast of his masterpieces that manage to weave their case with their themes in the sphere. They pull souls out of the world of fantasy and fallacy.


They go underlining the facets of the world in which one is thriving. Thus, it is no surprise for one to find ironies and touches of sarcasm lacing their bits. His artworks do not rest in a defined state or form. The figures and games bubble in vibrant forms to match with their themes. Not just that, they also conform to Jeff’s intentions in the best way. The interplay of colors and words on the packaging work out the pending magic of the toys.

Not just that, he also does not stick to a particular line of argument or sphere. One can find his works shedding light on topics ranging from the harsh bits of capitalism to death. Adding to that, he also tries to keep the platter fresh by coming up with art pieces that reflect on the current scenarios to a great extent. Thus, one can find them mirroring the worldly bits in the best possible way.


To let his intentions come up in the best way, he makes use of spelling errors and warnings on the packaging. Thus, one can catch satires and comments illuminating the sphere for buyers. For instance, one can find a toy set of dead birds with the title: “DEAD BIRDS THEY ARE ALL DIED!” Not just that, it also brings in warning: “Everybody dies Even bird” to reflect on the truth of death. Adding to that, one can also find the reason for the sad narrative. One can see “THEY WERE PROBABLY HIT BY A TRUCK OR SOMETHING” at the end of the packaging.

Diving further into his world of thoughts, one can come across a party blower with perturbing packaging. It goes ahead to reflect on the growing loneliness shadows in the domain. Its title says, “Birthday For One”. Not just that, one can find many stirring comments like “You are alone!”, “No one is coming!” and “It is so sad!” there. Adding to that, one can also find the bottom of the pack carrying the disturbing line: “includes one party blower because that is all you will need”.

Thus, there is no shortage of perturbing thoughts. Stay tuned to grab your favorite from the Obvious Plan shop.