This Woodworker Created A Hug Pencil Out Of Regular-Sized Color Pencils

People who are obsessed with stationery like I am, you are going to love this one piece of art. Regular sized coloring pencils are way too basic to talk about. However, how would you like a humungous color pencil for your collection? Check it out!


Woodworker, Nick Zammeti is getting even more creative with his work. He took piles of color pencils and came up with an idea of making a huge one out of it. He did this deed as a homage to his tool.

He has done quite a few pencil projects along with bowls and vases and pots and bits and pieces.

While explaining about his project he said, “Looking at these pencils and thinking to myself what can I make? I have these pencils. What about a huge pencil?”

The result is worth taking a look at.