This Photographer Is Giving A New Meaning To Fashion With Her Pictures

It is high time that the conventions related to fashion and beauty change and it becomes more open. This photographer Harley Weir has taken a step towards that by capturing the “fashion” elements in a unique way.


There is a fixed perception of fashion photography in our minds. This needs to change and we are glad Harley Weir, a fashion photographer is contributing her bit in this change.

Why does beauty have to be defined in a certain way? People have the freedom to give meaning to beauty and fashion according to them. Photography is one way of looking at the different side of fashion and beauty.

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Weir has a degree in Fine Art and Design. She worked for some of the big fashion labels after her graduation. She shot for the advertising campaigns of Céline, and Jacquemus, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney.

Her work gained a lot of recognition with her fashion editorials being featured in various magazines like British Vogue, POP, Wallpaper and other big names.

She took help from social media for making her pictures reach the world. She started posting and soon people were landing on her account and liking her pictures. The number of people liking her work increased with time and her perspective on fashion gained attention. She is grateful to the internet!

We hope more people see her work and realize that fashion and beauty don’t need to have a fixed meaning!