This Is What Relationships Look Like When Art Defines Them, These Illustrations Make So Much Sense

Art has the power to give meaning to the things that can get a little complicated when we start to go deep in their existence. Relationships form a huge part of our lives as with every new step we take, there’s a high probability that we’ll encounter one! Imagine what happens when art and relationships combine. Olivia de Recat has depicted reality and how!


Olivia de Recat has given a “new” illustrative twist to the relationships we have in our life. The illustrations might look really simple but they are meticulously designed and speak volumes about the truth of relationships that usually remains hidden in the closet.


She has given a deep thought while creating these illustrations as people and relationships can get tangled like the strings and sometimes, it is better to know what each relationship brings with it before getting tied in the chaotic mess that might be created after a while. It is for sure a roller coaster ride of emotions!

Olivia depicts the ups and downs of closeness that each relationship faces with two lines and we believe it can’t get a better meaning!


She says, “Each relationship consists of two lives, independent and moving by/of their own volition. So, you really can’t force closeness with anyone.” For one moment, a person can mean the world to you but it doesn’t take long for that feeling to disappear and then you are both strangers! This is just one example, there are so many different experiences in different relationships.


Her illustrations carry an in-depth look inside the relationships and it can be hard to take in a few initially but eventually, we all learn!