Spenser Little’s Illuminated Wire Sculptures Nest Inside Larger Radiating Art

An artist named Spenser Little holds the crown of forging some iconic lamps and light posts for public display. Adding to the bits of fame, he has gone ahead to swirl the wheel with his recent project- ‘Illumination Devices’. It puts up figures and characters nestling inside the colorful papers. They illuminate the sphere with the irradiated kinetic mechanism.


Illuminated art pieces are fishing the light of acknowledgement. They are helping their creators to step ahead and experiment with their edifice. Thus, the art world is beholding a spate of sparkling structures and art pieces. The creative souls are looking at the domain for nurturing a new ray of hope. Expanding that domain, an artist named Spenser Little has turned on the scene with his much-celebrated kinetic art pieces.

Spenser gels on with the wired figures, all set to expatiate on the obscured shoots of art. He combines the art of sculptures with the warmth of vibrant lights. As a result of his prized experience in that domain, he enjoys a big name and fame in the art world. The artist has pulled his steps back on the show screen to weave a memorable experience for the art lovers.

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I made and titled this kinetic Lamp back in January. It’s a strange and hard time to be an artist on social media. It’s strange and hard for us all. I am trying to navigate it purposefully and respectfully. Thank you to anyone that supports me! Repost from @thinkspace_art “Demons Policing Peace” from Spenser Little for his solo museum exhibition “Illumination Devices” in Lancaster, California at the Museum of Art and History. Regarding his new body of work, @spenserlittleart shares “To me, all art is a form of illumination devices. For this exhibition I have built a new series of mixed-media kinetic lamps. The lamps serve as bright facades for inner, hidden chambers. Looking through their constantly closing and opening doors, viewers are offered a peak at what makes them tick. Like the different layers we develop throughout our lives, we only allow certain people to see our most inner workings, while the majority are only able to see our polished exteriors. Illumination Devices will remain on view through September 20, 2020 @moahcedar in Lancaster, California. Much love to the entire crew @moahlancaster Please DM or e-mail @thinkspace_art to request a link to view available works from Little. #MOAHCedar #MOAHLancaster #LancasterMOAH #ThinkspaceGallery#ThinkspaceFamily #illuminationdevices #spenserlittle #contemporaryart #newcontemporary #artopening #laartshows

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His recent series- ‘Illumination Devices’ brings out a platter of wired structured shimmering under the colorful papers.

The bewitching figures have taken a chunk of artist’s time and effort to breathe into their form. To put up the stature of the characters, he carved out the head of the character with wooden bits. Then he welded the metal wires together to build its lower body. Putting the parts together, he ended up creating the centre of his art pieces.

After that, he fitted the wired-structure inside the paper cavity. He carried out the process several times to come up with a platter of colorful paper figures. Getting done with the figures, he stepped ahead to add the element of light with irradiated kinetics. Finally, he ended up with a platter of wired figures peeping through the paper “skins” and cherishing the warmth of kinetics.

The nesting doll opens up the world of wired-figures with several forms breathing in the cavities at one time. Thus, the art pieces are not just a narrative of a figure. But they channel different stories with many figures occupying the art space at one time.

For instance, “Identity Roulette, Red Lamp” (2020) (steel, paper, glue, purple and red heartwood, electric motor, gears, carbon-chain link, 13 × 28 × 13 inches) depicts a red-figure resting inside the larger art piece. Similar kinds of arrangements rule the screen on the art platter.

Not just that, they also highlight the themes backing their edifice. The artist tries to bring out the contrast between conscious and subconscious bits.

Taking on that, he shared, “I heard the analogy long ago the we, our active, controlled conscious, are merely riders on a large beast. We think our conscious minds are controlling the subconscious beast, but in reality, the beast goes where it wants revealing our unpolished motives. The outer self wants to project control and precision. The inner self is just trying to keep things working. The lamps are shells around motors”.

Adding to that, he said, “Art to me is the wordless conversation between us and our inner beast. To communicate with our unenlightened animal impulses is very illuminating to our true selves”.