Rosy Lips And Moody Faces Enliven Tatiana Cardona’s Ceramics

An artist named Tatiana Cardona makes the pedestal of feminism soar high with her remarkable pieces of ceramics. The artworks blush with rosy lips forming their front. The red and pink shades of the lips bring out the element of feminism embedded in her themes. The easy-to-handle feature shines the brightest with ceramics taking the shape of mugs and vessels.


The pulchritude of women empowerment has taken the centre stage in the art world over the years. Artists from all domains of the art world walk the tightrope between the two extreme facets of the issue with their subtle art pieces. They do not budge down to the raging stereotypes in society. Adding to the vibrant sphere, an artist named Tatiana Cardona has rocked the art platform with her multi-use ceramics.

Drawing inspiration from the feminist movements that have raged across the world for years, Tatiana treads ahead gently to collect the bits for her art pieces. The Miami-based artist then goes ahead to tuck them together in the cozy corner of her art world. She shapes her ceramics bit by bit to evolve some stunning easy-to-handle mugs, planters and vessels to appease the broken world.

Underlining her intentions, some lips and facial expressions take on the front of the art pieces. She walks miles ahead to vary the size and features of the lips to break the air of monotony in her art creations. The red and bright pink shades shimmering on the lips mark the winds of feminism that have altered the world order and mindset. It also sheds light on the power of womanhood all set to break free from the shackles of worldly prejudices. The lines of expression on the vessels reveal the ordeal that women around the world take up to ensure smooth channeling of life.

Illuminating her shop- Female Alchemy with her thoughts and ceramics, she unleashes the vibes that double up to imbue the houses of the ceramics keepers. One can see planters with lips and plates ensconcing green beings signaling their strength in supporting new lives. On the other hand, there stands a tower of mugs having different facial expressions and lip formations. The mug at the bottom stuns the viewers by flaunting its pink tongue.

Varying the design, the artist presents a planter having lips on its curved sides. A small one stands on the steps to let its lips lock with the former. Then comes an army of ceramics with lips blossoming on their surfaces irrespective of their supposed use and design. Giving the concluding remark of the journey, a ceramic holds a plant with its face resembling the soul set to fade away.

Taking on her art, the artist shared, “The concept of lips was inspired by the feminist movement in the ’60s-’70s where red lipstick stood as a symbol of protest. The work has since then evolved into a positive and fun way to promote femininity in a sacred and ancient medium such as ceramics”.

Not just that, she looks beyond the horizon of fame and applause for her artworks. She tries to unlock the art sphere for woman artists. Hence, her art pieces strive to open up “a space where female creativity is encouraged and nurtured”. They shine at their best to draw the heed the world that has ignored the salience of gender equality since time immortal.

Thus, the ceramics ride on the wave bolstering the mindset of a golden and liberal world.