Peep Into Monochrome Russian World Through Aleksey Myakishev’s Iconic Photographs

An artist named Aleksey Myakishev worked out some photographs that capture the mundane of Russian people. The black and white print of the photographers adds to the charm to his simple photographs. His art pieces depict the bits and parts of life surrounding souls in Russia. As a result of his observations, the artist has ended up with three books.


Artistic vibes are so powerful that they render insipid elements shining brightly with their essence. The shades of the art paint the subjects with creativity and bring out their pulchritude. Creative people, across the world, often end up taking up their might to present their idea in a vibrant form. One of these souls is Aleksey Myakishev who rocked the art world with his photographs.

The Moscow-based photographer wanders around with his companion- camera to click some stunning photographs. He looks for the daily-life parts of Russian people. Be it a boy running to his school or a man enjoying his time in a public place, they all strike his witty nerves. The artist, born in Kirov, always gets in the quest of the scenes that could connect with his artistic souls.

After getting done with his photography spree, the artist heads to his artistic lab. He puts up his clicks and does the necessary touch-ups. After that, he goes around to print a black and white print of his clicks. That adds to the charm of his photographs. The monochromatic photographs shed light on the daily life of the Russian people.

For instance, in one of his photographs, three souls walk over the icy sheet under the black sky shining brightly with fireworks. In his “Moscow (2019)”, the water on the ground acts as a mirror to reflect three people standing up against a building and trees.

Not just that, the artist also snapped a canine looking out of the balcony with pride. Then there are some little nuggets enjoying themselves with swings in farmland. One could see a girl making the hair of a younger one. On the other hand, the boys cling to the home-made swings to enjoy their fun moments. The artists also clicked a boy standing on a big snowball with valor looking straight at him.

To make the viewers go crazy, he captured a car hanging in the wall! Not just that, his photographs also show a man having his happy moments swinging a child. The right shoe of the child is in the air that depicts the happiness of the man.

To spread icy waves, he clicked a boy making his way on ice with a wrecked ship in the background.

Shedding light on his art and efforts, the artist shared, “It is always difficult to photograph the place where you live. Nevertheless, sometimes I pick up my camera and go to the streets to capture the city’s pulse. When I look through the camera’s viewfinder, a dialogue with the city takes place. There are lots of everything here, be it people, vehicles, buildings. Sometimes the city looks ugly to me, sometimes beautiful. Through photography I try to find something especial in this city, perceiving the underlying surrealism of what is going on”.

To the delight of the art lovers, the artist has put together his artworks in three big books. One can grab more of his art on his Instagram page.