Paper Animals Spring From Textured Sculptures By Calvin Nicholls

An artist named Calvin Nicholls has pushed the limits of sculpting in the art sphere. The Canadian artist goes ahead to sculpt mesmerizing animals and birds with their unique features from ‘archival’ cotton paper. His white art pieces take one through the charming bits of the subjects and their surroundings. Keeping perfection at the center, he uses reliable tools.


Sculpting has provided artists with a way to immortalize their thoughts and moments. Not just that, it has facilitated the reflection on the past bits and iconic times. Over the years, its domain has undergone a significant shift in its form and technique. Many artists have substituted plaster with their different elements. Making an addition to the sphere, an artist named Calvin Nicholls has illuminated the sphere with his art pieces.

It all started when he came across the versatility of paper in the art domain during his college days. He went on adding to his experiment with the medium to shape some stunning bits on his platter. His affair with paper and its forms went on after he moved out of his college. He expanded his domain by collaborating with his colleague. His graphic design classes and works helped him catch vibrant facets of paper art.


After years of work, he started making strides in the sculpting sphere. He used the paper charm to cement his case. Keeping the chances of fading and yellowing at bay, he put the archival cotton paper at his disposal. After that, he went ahead to bringing animals and birds as the subjects of his art pieces. Not just that, he positioned them against the suitable background to shape a scene from everyday life. Pushing perfection at the core of his project, he went ahead to make use of sophisticated tools like knives and texturing tools.

He meticulously carved out the features of his subjects. From feathers to muscles, everything managed to retain its original charm and form in his art pieces. To secure their grace and elegance, he used the minimum possible amount of glue while arraying the bits. However, it was not a cakewalk for him. He toiled hard to provide the best possible shape to the feather of birds.


Taking on that part, he shared, “The largest sculptures I’ve done require several hundreds of hours while the more modest pieces keep me busy for two or more weeks. Familiarity with the subject is a big factor as well. My love of birds often propels me through pieces much faster than when sculpting subjects with (an) emphasis on musculature and structure.”

One can take a stroll through his art pieces. The white landscapes and scenes make one drift back to the wintery days. For instance, in one of the art pieces, one can find birds spreading their feathers to take a flight against the white growth of flora. In another art piece, one can find a dove that blushes on seeing its audience. A pig peeks out against the black background to present the stunning sculpting.


Giving a mark of his perfection, subjects manage to entice one. Thus, one can take them for their real-life counterparts and expect them to fly out of the white backgrounds. To grab the best on the platter, one can make way to his shop that houses his stunning collections. Apart from that, one can also look for his art pieces on social media platforms.

Make haste, for the white feathery icons are awaiting your visit!