Paper Anatomical Mandalas By Julie Wilkinson

An artist named Julie Wilkinson works some out of the world paper art pieces that reflect on her sufferings from somatic symptom disorder. Julie tries to reveal her moments of anxiety and discomfort through anatomical elements taking on the paper surface. She uses a scalpel to cut out the bits. Her project- ‘Manifestation’ provides a perfect insight into her world.


Hypochondriacs live in a world full of anxiety. Their nerves exaggerate the moments of sensation, thus, making it difficult for them to behold the things from the eye view of their other counterparts. However, the exaggerated feelings make them grab the roots of feelings mingled with all-new thoughts. Using the blessing in disguise in the art world, an artist named Julie Wilkinson goes ahead to present a platter of paper art pieces.

Julie holds a celebrated name in the world of paper artworks. Putting her efforts up in collaboration with her co-artist Joyanne Horscroft, the artist has won accolades all around the world. She has managed to create a golden space for her creations with their Makerie studio. Living in the racing lanes of New York, the artist has won acknowledgment of various giants like Google.

The artist has taken to alleys of fame, yet again, with her latest project- ‘Manifestation’. Throwing light on her personal life, it goes ahead to take on the world with some stunning paper art pieces with anatomical bits. Tussling with somatic symptom disorder, the artist has gone ahead to weave her sufferings and experiences in form of paper mandalas. Vibrant organs hold on together to present themselves in circles to reveal the cycle of her feelings. The perfect arrangements of the paper structures make viewers take them for vibrant art patterns. To live the moments of art with a suitable background, the artist has used a scalpel to cut out the paper designs.

Taking on the theme of her project, the artist shared, “(I have) been hypochondriac for as long as I can remember, and I have always had a fascination with medicine and the psychology related to certain conditions. This project was a way of visualizing the endless cycle that hypochondriacs often find themselves in, where every feeling is magnified, amplified, and where one little ache can turn into multiple symptoms—real or imagined—which take up our thoughts entirely”.

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The project has gone a long way in soothing her pricked nerves. Not just that, the artist has lived the moment to the full with the virulent thoughts raging in her mind. The anatomical structures speak for her moments of turmoil. The shape of the art pieces represents the cyclic pattern of emotions that her body manifested. The artist not just only aims at unwinding her story but also to sensitize people about the disorder.

The circular art creations can also aid one’s effort in cherishing some moments of eternal solace by bringing up meditation.

The time has thus come to connect the sphere of feelings with that of art.