Painted Imprints Of Botanical Assemblage Feature On Hessa Al Ajmani’s Ceramics

An artist named Hessa Al Ajmani wins hearts with her beautiful ceramic dinnerware bubbling around. The Ajman-based artist goes on to imprint botanical delights native to the United Arab Emirates. After that, she paints them with beautiful color to create the original charm of the floral elements used for the imprints. She teaches her skills at her Clay Corner Studio.


Nature has always shimmered on the fore to inspire the creative nerves looking for the best around them. Her bounties go a long way in forming the basis of starry art pieces in the art world. Not just that, they manage to create the charm with their magical and scintillating features and bits. Extending that line of creativity, an artist named Hessa Al Ajmani has come up with stunning ceramic dinnerware in the art sphere.

Hessa loves nature and its beauty not only in her surroundings but also on her platter. Her penchant for the botanical bliss, blooming around, nudges her to extend their charm to her art pieces. Grabbing that urge of creativity, she goes ahead to shape some beautiful art pieces for the world to cherish.


Using her skills, she steps ahead to shape a ceramic with her hands. Then, she heads to find the match in the botanical delights native to the United Arab Emirates. She manages to get them on the counter from the desert area near her. Apart from that, she also gets her botanical stars from her mother’s beautiful garden. After getting the pieces by her side, the Ajman-based artist then moves forward to the imprint part.

Making way for the iconic imprints, she goes ahead to press the layered bouquets on the ceramics. After getting perfect imprints, she gets ahead to paint them with beautiful hues. Keeping in mind the original charm of the floral bits used, she picks her colors carefully. Finally, she ends up coming up with ceramic dinnerware carrying the botanical delight. They shimmer beautifully with their charm to entice viewers around.


Diving in the pool of starry art pieces, one can come across iconic bits. One can find a bowl having yellow and purple floral plants circling its inner surface. Then, one can see a tray having beautiful flowers and leaves shimmering around. Apart from that, one can also find a mug having charming and colorful imprints across its outer surface. Not just that, one can also find some of them carrying the beauty on their inner side.

Thus, her art does not flourish on a particular ceramic. One can find it extending to mugs, plates, and serving dishes on the platter. However, it is not a cakewalk for her to come up with stunning pieces. Owing to the extreme climate conditions at her place, she has to adjust her work around the year. She has to come up with proper planning for art pieces. That helps her in utilizing the time and season in the best way.


Shedding light on that part, she shared, “My work naturally takes a whole season to prepare and/or relies on the occasional winter rainfall. I allow it to grow organically and see it as a collaboration with nature. After all, clay itself is a material of the earth.”

The artist also does not shy away from disseminating her art around. She puts up various workshops and sessions at her Clay Corner Studio in Ajman. Apart from that, one can also look for her art pieces in the social media world.