Natalia Lubieniecka’s Anatomical Art-Pieces Tastefully Depict Life And Death

An artist named Natalia Lubieniecka goes around winning the hearts of art lovers with her anatomical art pieces reflecting on the interplay of life and death. Natalia takes a stroll in the markets of Vienna to put her hands on the things that can go well with her creative ideas. She then puts them together to evolve some organs, etc.


Anatomical bits are gradually moving up to take the centre stage in the art world. Artists around the world are trying out their creativity to make some advancement in an all-new sphere. Some go ahead to weaving the anatomical bits. Others go ahead to gather the elements that complement their themes. An artist named Natalia Lubieniecka uses the latter technique to make her mark in the art world.

The Austria-based artist finds an eternal solace in shaping some anatomical bits to festoon her art platter. Natalia goes down the alleys in market places in Vienna to hunt for the elements that can ignite her creative nerves. She arranges the things as per her thoughts and ideas to evolve some out of the world art pieces. Finally, she ends up with stunning art pieces that illuminate an all-new sphere.

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Anatomy frog 🐸….. Textile art.

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Her love for anatomy surfaced when she stepped into the Naturhistorische Museum Wien that had put anatomical bits on display to fill the hearts of biology-lovers with joy. While taking a stroll in the museum, she saw taxidermy of birds, insects, and other animals. That inspired her creative soul. She ended up falling for the art and decided to script her future in that domain. The taxidermy made her heart blossom up with satiation.

Her art platter encompasses some insects and organs to shed light on her art techniques. One could see a sticky frog enclosed in a glass case. The frog stands upright with the help of support flaunting its internal structure. A healthy heart shimmers up with a floral design with golden threads outlining its structure. The light-color fabric forms the base of the art piece. Not just that, brain and heart stand in balance to give each other a tough fight.

Marine charm also floats in her platter. A gold-fish bubbling in fabric shreds stands up as a key chain. Complementing the name of the fish, a golden chain holds the fish. Shedding light on the truth concerning life and death, the artist worked out a feathery creature falling down to death. It lies down with its wings opened signifying the gloomy side of death.

Taking on her art, she said, “I think that human and animal anatomy has something magical about it. Each organ is responsible not only for the functioning of the body, but also for feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and these transport us to another magical dimension”. Other living beings also take up a similar tone to complement their counterparts.

The charm of biology is at its height to offer a new delight to the art lovers in different shapes and forms.