Monochromatic Illustrations By Sara Golish Personify Fictional Deities Of The Sun And Moon

An artist named Sara Golish is the wave that is taking the art world by storm with her fictional deities donning the charm to represent the power and grace of the much-revered- Sun and Moon. The artist has come up with stunning illustrations that lace the two celestial bodies with mythological hues in her two sparkling collections- Sundust and Moondust.


The art world is in spate with illustrations taking the art lovers to the world of fantasy and wonder. The artists with different backgrounds and life experience appear in the alleys to work out the best possible mix of their creativity and subject in the brightest hues. Expanding on the trend, an artist named Sara Golish wins the bubbling hearts with her out of the world mythological illustrations.

The Toronto-based artist takes on the line dividing the spheres of reality and imagination. The fairy tale representation of the elements imbues her mind with hope and urge to explore the other facet thriving in another corner. She goes ahead to catch the limits and powers up her artistic soul for the exhilarating spree. Thanks to the benign presence of Sun and Moon, her universe of creativity has found the means to weave some twinkling stars to woo art lovers on the other end.


The artist goes ahead to adorn the two celestial bodies with the mythological grace and colors to illuminate the sphere for the solitary world thriving around. She meticulously proceeds to put on the portraits of the two subjects in the form of stunning deities. To reflect on the charm and grace of the ball of fire grabbing the center of our solar system, she has picked the smoothness of beige. Thus, she comes up with the illustrations that point to the subtle side of the burning celestial body.

On the other hand, the shiny Moon gets to cherish its mythological version in grey hues. Thus, the artist builds her illustrations around the set of characteristics of her two subjects. The charcoal, conté, and ink drawings go a long way to match their lines with the real-life counterparts of the subjects.

For instance, one can find a goddess with iconic looks and cold mind bubbling in grey hues to bring in the salience of Moon in the sphere for the viewers. The artist has gone ahead to alter the looks of the goddess to a great in her art pieces to strike notes. Thus, there is no miss and dump fact tethering to the platter.


Not just that, one can also find a similar trend shimmering in the brightest hues for the mighty Sun. Following the mythological traces, the deity hits the chart with her warm and tender face expressions. However, one cannot drop to see the fiery bits in the portraits perfectly going in line with Sun. The golden beads adorn them to reflect on the much-celebrated essence and salience of the Sun.

The portraits draw from different sets of beliefs and cultures to win approval from souls belonging to different backgrounds.

She has put her efforts together in her collections- Sundust and Moondust. Taking on her art spree, she shared, “I chose to keep them monochromatic so they could be imagined in any skin tone to each individual viewer’s liking—an ease to envision themselves”.

Art lovers can find her works bubbling in the social media world. Apart from that, they can also look at the prospects of purchase of her artworks at her shop.