Mono Giraud’s Sculptural Garments Made From Organic Materials Are Captured In Ethereal Photos

An artist named Mono Giraud weaves different facets of art to come up with the iconic art pieces. The artist based in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires goes ahead to present her design and fine art bits through her photography penchant. She is winning accolades around the world for her out of the world sculptural garments with organic materials.


A few are the artists who manage to entice the art lovers with the fusion of vibrant bits. They set the stage on fire with their alluring art pieces and artistic visions. The swirls of art and variety reign over the sphere to waive off the boredom and repetition from setting in the domain. Making an addition to the star-studded list, an artist named Mono Giraud is creating a benchmark.

Based in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the artist looks ahead to savor the art lovers with the amalgam of artistic bits. She puts the delight of design, fine art and photography together to reflect on her vision and thoughts. Striding in the domain, she grabs the elements that could help her create some out of the world sculptural garments. For instance, the headdresses of the subjects draw their existence from the straws and basket looks.


Taking the artistic path, her preference needle ticks on the organic materials. The feathered fronds of wheat stalks, paper, etc., weave the fascinating plots to let the viewers set their brainy nerves. She picks the neutral-tone for her garments to create evoking scenes and narratives. The resplendent gowns flow down to find the company of sash and headdress. The wrinkled looks go in line with the background to match up with the theme and subject line of the art pieces. Not just that, some of the dresses flow down in layers to weave an alluring pattern of fantasy for the art lovers.

She keeps the platter fresh by altering the design and looks of the iconic dress material. One can cherish the heart-winning bits by catching the beaming rays and elements adorning the platter of her art pieces. Different streams of emotions and thoughts take down the course to paint the inner circulation of vision to light. Thus, there is no chance for the insipid bits and experience to take the center of the stage.


Shedding light on the purpose and core of the themes, she said, “I’m interested in the conjunction of energy between objects and people, like in a dance”. Adding to that, she shared, “(I try) to express my personal views and emotions of the soul”.

Elaborating on the line of reflection, she said, “My work is about living the process. And this process has to be healthy, the energy is renewed instead of running out… and simplicity must be felt in each step. I go across the process to finally get to discovery. The travel is about feeling, touching, smelling, breathing, and crossing boundaries. I focus on the journey more than to reach a goal or arrive (at) a destination”.


To circulate bits of glory around the corners, the artist runs a shop and atelier in Buenos Aires. One can find the elements that have gone a long way in forming the pedestal of her art pieces. The photographs throw enough on the waves of fantasy and imagination that twirl in the minds beholding them.

The art lovers can grab more of the alluring kinds by visiting her site and digging deep in the social media platforms.