Marialaura Fedi’s Minimalistic Illustrations Feature Faceless Characters Against Dramatic Backdrops

An artist named Marialaura Fedi has churned the waves of appreciation with her evoking art pieces. Hovering between paintings and illustrations, her artworks reflect the beauty of nature. Not just that, she surges ahead to situate a woman figure at the center of works. She strives to highlight the vibrant similarity between women and nature in different ways and hues.


Nature has been the central theme of many art pieces and projects over the years. But some artists share a unique bond with their surroundings. They trace their roots to the mesmerizing beauty. Thus, they manage to unveil a vibrant facet of Mother Nature that often escapes the pages of books and accounts. Not just that, some of them takes the narrative steps up by underlining its similarity in other beings. An artist named Marialaura Fedi is one of the creative souls.

Nature’s tales and bliss laced her childhood fascination. She grew up exploring the beauty of nature in the south of Italy. Her life was devoid of materialistic thrill and ripples. The racing world was not thriving around her. Thus, she managed to usher her precious time in realizing and interpreting the vibrant bits around her. She tuned in to songs of her surroundings to cherish her time to the full.


The exhilarating yet serene observations made her look for a way to shape her perspective. Then, she turned to the charm of painting. She began to paint the natural bounties around her. By and by, she developed an association with her past-time activity. Her passion for art grew day and by day. Finally, she decided to pursue a career in the field. Making strides in that direction, she landed at the Fine Art Academy of Rome for honing her skills.

That added to her efforts to become a renowned artist. Shaping her artistic drives in the Roman countryside, she still builds on the essence of nature around her. She lets her artistic soul extract her inspiration from the mesmerizing scenes and experiences. Not just that, she takes her art sprees miles ahead by situating a woman figure against the natural background. She tries to manifest their reflection in each other as she believes women share their characteristics with Mother Nature.


Thus, her art pieces aim at highlighting the similarities between them. For instance, in one of her art pieces, one can see a woman sitting on a flower with the night background shaping a fantasy narrative. In another art piece, one can see two women sitting in a structure with the moon shining in the background. Another woman pops up, poising a star between her hands and face. One can cherish the best of her flair by grabbing an art piece showing a woman face evolving through a moon. Thus, creativity gets to its height to connect the two subjects in her artworks and weave a scintillating experience for art lovers.


Shedding light on her childhood moments, she shared, “I grew up in a luxurious and bright countryside. There wasn’t so much to do so I started painting all the beautiful colors and shapes that were around me, then it became my work.”

Taking to the vision of her art pieces, she said, “I think women have the same strength and grace of nature, so they are the perfect medium to communicate my inner feelings.”

One can explore the corners of the social media platforms to cherish the best of her art gems in the domain.