Lucy Sparrow Opens A Full Stocked Felt Pharmacy- The Bourdon Street Chemist

An artist named Lucy Sparrow takes a less travelled road to secure a golden place in the art world. The U.K.-based artist goes ahead to create woolen replicas of groceries and other stuff. She has buckled up to throw open the doors of her shop- The Bourdon Street Chemist on January 18, 2021. The woolen pharmacy bubbles with medical instruments.


The woolens are no longer an adjective for clothing. The souls belonging to the creative land have shaped a new narrative for the textile. They have surged ahead to shape and experiment with the yarn and come up with many art pieces. Making a high notch statement of art in the domain, an artist named Lucy Sparrow has rocked the sphere with her woolens in her shops and outlets for the art lovers.

The U.K.-based artist leaves no stone unturned for having her creativity play the part on the canvas. She dons a penchant to concoct her masterpieces with the yarns of wool. The textile forms the edifice of her artworks. She goes investing in the name and features. The artist picks from the platter of the vibrant hues to get her spree going. After that, she manages to carve out a woolen replica of the daily-life bits and parts.


One can locate her grocery stuff doing the rounds in the woolen charm. Breaking the ceiling, the artist has come up with a twist on her platter. She has checked the boxes to throw the doors of her new shop open on 18 January 2021 for the art lovers. Donning the title- The Bourdon Street Chemist, the shop stands at Lyndsey Ingram in London.

The woolen pharmacy houses all the bits of the medical world. The shelves stand full of medications to welcome the visitors. Not just that, one can also look forward to catching a woolen cadaver with compact organs, a skeleton and many traditional operation equipment.


Not just that, a bleeding heart also makes an appearance in the pharmacy with pools of blood on the green-tiled floor. The pharmaceuticals in the store are not there for namesake. The artist has gone ahead to mind the minute details. She has put in her efforts to inscribe the labels on the bottles with fabric paints.

Thus, for one second, one would take the pharmacy for the real one around. Before the establishment of the shop, she converted a decommissioned ambulance into a “National Felt Service” vehicle and completed a live-felt-surgery at Miami Art Week in 2018.

Shedding light on the salience of medics, she shared, “There is something so intensely intimate in sharing your personal—and often embarrassing—ailments with a stranger. But because that stranger is wearing a white coat you feel safe and trust them with secrets you wouldn’t tell your best friend”.


Going through the pharmacy, one can find the plush bottles of Pepto Bismol, Tums, and aspirin embellishing the shelves for the art lovers. Exploring the unit further, one can also find other medications shimmering in the bright hues to draw the heed.

The AB positive blood bottle signals the perfectness in the art of the artist. Thus, she has soared ahead to fix everything on its line in her unit. The Chemist shop entices the visitors with the details doing the rounds.

The art lovers can cherish more of her woolen treats by diving deep in the social media world. The London people can head to the art shop on 18th January 2021.