Iconic Wood-Metal Union Seen In Furniture By Hilla Shamia

An artist named Hilla Shamia dons the crown for adding to the transformation of the furniture world. Swinging between the two extremes of all wood furniture and all-metal furniture, the artist has managed to find a midway out. Hilla combines the two raw materials to produce furniture carrying wooden elegance with metallic strength by pouring metal in wooden molds.


The furniture world is a point of conflict for wood and metal. They have seen each other at the opposite front of the market. Their designs have tried to bury each other’s age-old legacy but in vain. Their substituting nature could not erode the charm of their opponents. Grabbing the failure to a large extent, an artist named Hilla Shamia has come up with a set of furniture shedding light on their companionship rather than their rivalry.

Hilla has the power and sensibility to see the world of furniture through the prism of creativity. Her creative nerves add to her efforts and exploration. Looking at the properties of wood and metal closely, the artist has ended up discovering the side of the relationship of wood and metal that the world never tried to explore. Joining the contrasting ends, the artist has gone a long way in cementing their amity.

Based in Tel Aviv, the artist looks around for the wood that could stand the test of time and heat. Then, she observes its shape and texture that can complement her thoughts and designs. After that, it moves to check out her metal pick. Keeping in mind, the properties of metal, the artist goes around laying the roadmap of the process of production of her furniture.

She chops the wood into leg moulds. Then, she takes the hot metal and pours it down into the leg mould to facilitate the union of the two. Carrying out the activity bit by bit, the artist ends up getting the amalgam of the two contrasting elements. After that, she goes ahead to join the moulds together to evolve a console, stool or bench. The metal flows through the wood to create some iconic furniture donning the comfort of their union. The process thus ends up producing some undefined yet majestic patterns on the furniture.

The artist does not stop there. She proceeds ahead to go for the final-touch task. She pours the molten metals in the natural crevices thriving on the wood to cover the lacunae. That varnishes the top of the furniture and shapes the furniture in a better way.

Taking on her art, she said, “We focus on material research and development of forms, while drawing inspiration from the process of time and the supposed imperfections found in nature”.

Not just the formation process, the artist also works on the designs to add to their charm. She varies their shapes and sizes up to a certain extent to keep the sphere fresh for the art lovers.

The resplendent amalgam is opening up doors of rejuvenation in the vibrant furniture world.