Hessa Al Ajmani Decorates Ceramic Mugs With Floral Imprints

An artist named Hessa Al Ajmani goes around plucking the floral beings to work her out of the world art pieces. The Ajman (U.A.E.)-based artist then puts the nimble green beings on the ceramics and stoneware at her home studio. The artist goes ahead to test the limits of her patience by carrying out draining acts for hours.


Pottery has continued to thrive in the human world by standing stiff to face the raging winds of change and transformation. One can find their roots in the days when humans started to live as human beings. Artists, thus, do not shy away from adding their creativity to the blossoming plot. Expanding the sphere, an artist named Hessa Al Ajmani takes on her garden to extract some vibrant themes.

Floral beings form a quintessential part of the artist. She takes a stroll in her garden to pluck the greens that could add to the charm of her art pieces. Her ceramic ware waits eagerly for her green treasure to carry on their imprints. After getting done with the plucking part, she goes ahead putting them together with the earthen pots.

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Today’s Neem Magic plates 🌿🌻

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Not just that, the artist also puts her might in molding the ceramics to come up with a rich platter of art pieces. She tries to shape their edges in a way that could make them stand apart from the other counterparts. Then, it is time for her to press the patterns and designs of flowers and plants to leave their colorful imprints on the ceramic ware. She has converted them into plaster moulds and stamps to ease out her efforts.

However, they cannot knock down the series of stages that the artist has to undertake to complete her projects. She sits down calmly to carry out the imprinting spree by carefully looking at the design of the ceramics and the stamps that could go in line with them. Her hands press the thing down assiduously keeping in mind the straining capacity of the subject. Thus, she ends up spending hours in foisting the designs on the ceramic ware.

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Care to eat your greens? 🌿

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Putting the imprinting part aside, she then takes the green beings off the ceramic ware to let them go under the fire with the vibrant designs. Finally, the stream of efforts come to the surface with that and the vibrant ceramic ware make way to the shelves of her home studio. One could cherish the vibrant shades of orange, yellow, etc. blossoming on the stalks of the nimble beings. Not just that, the imprints of leaves and flowers also comes out beautifully on the plain ceramics.

The artist gives credit to her childhood days full of clay-making fun. Taking on that part, she said, “I’ve been playing with all sorts of clay (air-drying, polymer, earthenware) since I was a child. I learned how to work with it professionally in university, but didn’t pick up the practice until about a year ago”.

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Eat Your Medicine 🌻🌿🥀

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She goes ahead making the imprints shed light on the golden gems in the treasure of her life-time memories. She said, “I had to re-teach myself all the basics and do endless tests with clay consistency, form, texture, firings, etc.”

To let her art float in all direction, the artist has opened the gates of her ‘Clay Corner Studio’ in 2019. She unveils her techniques for the budding artist. One can look up for more of her art pieces and techniques on her vibrant Instagram page.