Fenders Of Volkswagen Beetle Molded Into “Volkspod”

A vintage car-owner named Brent Walker set nerves of vintage lovers on fire by sharing some pictures of his shining “Volkspod”. He used the fenders of his original Volkswagen Beetle to bring out the curvy scooters. The creator did not shed light on his plans about the future of his masterpieces.


Classic cars have always managed to make their mark in the world of automobiles. Their charm continues to make waves irrespective of the passing era. Thus, it is not odd for proud owners of these cars to go through the whirl of emotional trauma while deciding their last words about their future. But to their delight, they can go for a happy and creative trail to take on their future days. A vintage car owner named Brent Walter produced a remarkable example in that sphere by molding the fenders of his Volkswagen Beetle into curvy “Volkspod”.

Looking at his shiny vintage car, Brent might have thought to give it some modern shades. So the car-owner ended up putting his original Volkswagen Beetle on the anvil to strike the hammer of his creativity on it. Well, he was not that serious about it. He took it as an activity to have some fun. His garage seemed to provide the perfect space for his plans to float and bloom. So he began his artistic spree in his garage.

He delineated the fenders from the car. Their curvy and smooth look nudged him to pick up the idea of building a pair scooters with them. Thus, he ended up welding the front and rear ones. The headlights of his car moved to the fenders to form the headlights of the scooters. Then he arranged for the handles of the scooters. Not just that but he also put on the seats to add to the comfort level of the riders.

Taking on the power part, he used normal-size engines and chassis. He fixed the welded fenders on the engines with wheels. After getting done with the power connections, the scooters got ready for their majestic rides.

Then it was time for the creator to christen his masterpieces. He decided to crown the scooters as “Volkspod” to honor the vintage car.

The name complements the source of the invention of the scooters. After all, the car had sacrificed its shiny identity to give way to the two-wheelers.

Brent did not keep the gems of the journey of the scooters to him. But he went ahead to share the bits and parts of their saga on his Instagram page. He shared a video there to spread the air of creativity in the world of automobiles across the globe.

To his delight, his creations managed to strike a chord with other automobile lovers. The scooter fans could not take their eyes off their curvy look. Souls from all walks of life turned up to applaud his creativity. It has managed to wage the trend of modernizing the classic things.

The creator of Volkspod did not shed light on the future of his creations. So it is not sure whether the Volkspods would make their way to the market stop for sale or not. But the fans of the masterpieces can certainly quench their anxiety by beholding their beauty on his Instagram page.

It is time for the vintage cars to re-establish their golden regime in a refreshing look.