Falko One Squeezes Elephants Into Their Surroundings Through Colorful Murals

An artist named Falko One is up in his sleeves to paint the discarded and worn out corners of South Africa with some vibrant elephants. The big creatures sit or usher their trunks to cover the blank sides of the staircase, cars, building, etc. without devouring their integrity. The colorful beings shine around to draw the attention of the passerby.


Murals are becoming a new trend in city life. Artists travel across the globe to pour out their thoughts and inspirations around. They go miles ahead to paint the themes on walls, roadways, subways, etc. to woo the passerby with the vibrant hues. An artist named Falko One has leapt the raging vogue to create a mark. He has put up stunning murals to soothe the souls questing for amusement.

Falko strongly believes in the fact- “Everyone loves an elephant”. Thus, he goes ahead to absorb the elephant love in his murals in various shapes and forms. The humongous animal inspires and features in his murals. They churn the waves of fame and success for him across South Africa. He goes around looking for suitable corners, which can support his vibrant paintings. His eyes long to see a desolate corner seeking heed from the passerby.

Grabbing his canvas, he goes ahead with his art palette to come up with some stunning murals. The elephants embellish the themes in various poses. They feature on walls, staircase, buses, etc. to disseminate their eternal charm and grace. The vibrant hues add further to their pulchritude. Thus, the lost souls have no option but to bow down before the soulful urge to halt. They take a minute to behold and cherish the iconic art pieces bubbling across South Africa.

“Everybody wants to be down with the dude on top the stairs” (2019) (Cape Town, South Africa) presents an elephant bubbling in purple and blue shades on the staircase to greet the souls walking down the stairs. Its trunk extends enough to welcome the stairs-takers and merge with its design and steps.

“Evergreen” (2018) (Cape Town, South Africa) revives the age-old link between the wild beasts and the thick forests. One can see the green shoots and branches rising out of a green elephant trying to take on a wall in the city.

“Brick Ross” (2020) (Cape Town, South Africa) presents a pink elephant slumping over a box on a wrecked van. The rusted van stands still with bricks lying all around it. The pink creature looks all out of its energy and will to run with the ever-moving world.

Shedding light on the age-old tribal culture of the land, “Homestead” (2016) (Nkandla, South Africa) presents the wild side of the elephant on a hut.

Thus, the artist walks the tightrope of the portrayal of his thoughts, keeping the nature intact. Taking on that part, he shared, “My approach is just to add a bit of color to the space without breaking the scenery. I try not to make them too intrusive. I always respect that for that moment I am just a tourist to that specific community”.

Adding to that, he said, “The value for me is listening to the debate about it. At that moment, there are no wrong or right answers. What better way to get people to discuss something without telling them to discuss it. It’s not a formal discussion on the street but playful, honest banter. I like that the most”.

Elephant affinity is blooming at its best.