David Staffell Photoshops Animals Into Every Day Objects For Hilarious Results

An artist named David Staffell has risen to fame with his digital art pieces. Based in the UK, he goes ahead to photoshop animals into mundane objects and life. His digital experiments end in funny and sometimes perturbing art pieces. This started with a challenge from Reddit’s r/photoshopbattles. He ended up settling down in the domain after his successful sprees.


The digital age has not only smoothened human lives. But it has also armed creative souls with the means to showcase their creativity. Many artists have sprung into fame with their digital art pieces making waves around the internet world. The social media world is in spate with artistic gems. An artist named David Staffell has set tunes for art lovers to wade into the bone-tickling digital experiences.


David explored his flair in the funny digital photo edits when he caught a challenge from Reddit’s r/photoshopbattles. Grabbing the challenge heat, he went ahead to try the charm of photoshopping. He went ahead to photoshop animals into mundane objects. For that, he selected a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In the original picture, one could see her holding an umbrella for her husband.

To add a bewildering twist to the picture, he photoshopped an octopus in place of the umbrella. His photoshopped picture took the social media world by storm. He received appreciation for his work. His successful experiment pushed him to dive into the domain. He went ahead to come up with photoshopped pictures having animals replacing the mundane objects in human lives.

He puts in his best to come up with funny pictures. They make his audience give out shrieks of laughter. But sometimes they turn out to be a little perturbing for the audience. To the delight of his admirers, he has created a profile (@animalsinthings) to share his works through a single window. The success of his work comes out through the rising number of followers of his profile. The social media world tunes to the platform to cherish the best from his side in the domain. It is not a surprise to find his works making waves through the internet.

One can go through his pictures to capture the idea and intention of his photo editing spree in the art world. For instance, in one of his photoshopped pictures, one can find “Otter’s kitchen”. The picture shows an otter with mustard sauce over his body replacing a typical sausage in a hot dog. It accommodates itself in the hotdog bread to take after an original hotdog. In another of his art picture called “The Corqi Kitchen”, one can see a dog making one of the sides of bread. The other end presents the slices of the bread falling on the ground.


Moving ahead, one can also find his “Snakehandler” charming the audience. One can see a finger of a hand extending into a snake. The creature looks at the viewers to make them believe in the bewildering transformation. His hissing nature comes out beautiful to fall in line with the trend of his profile.

“Doqhat” takes the vibrant narrative ahead to win hearts around. A woman poses with a white furry dog on her head. It takes after a comforting hat and ditches the notion of a typical hat in the domain. Adding to that, one can also find a white owl making a golf ball in the green ground.

Thus, there is a lot for the amusement of art lovers around.