Clare Borsch’s Collaged Paper Installations Of Fauna And Flora Comment On Earth’s Dwindling Biodiversity

An artist named Clare Borsch has earned name and fame in the crowded art world with her lively collages shedding light on the vibrancy of nature. The Berlin-based American artist walks miles to put together the fauna and flora bits against the backdrop reflecting on her dreamy moments. Apart from that, her artworks also highlight crisis like climate change, etc.


Artistic vibes are floating around with their invigorating spirits invoking deep facets of the world. The creative minds are trying their hands on the bits lying under the darkness of ignorance. Not just that, they present different spheres of life in one frame to shed light on the principles of co-existence. Grabbing a similar line of presentation, an artist named Clare Borsch is making to the top-notch category with her remarkable works.

The Berlin-based American artist finds her passion for art in the domain of collages. She takes on the world of fusions to let her imagination and fascination cherish the upper hand in defining the core as well as contours of her art pieces. Not just that, she also advances borrowing the shimmering pearls from the treasure of memories adorning her life.

Her penchant and connection with nature and her parts breathe freely in her sphere of art. Working under the influence of the mind-churning forces and urge, she steps ahead to let the elements mingle on her canvas. She stealthily goes ahead to come up with some out of the world collages. The subtle and alluring fauna sticks to the green vibrancy of its floral counterparts.


Thus, one can find the two separate yet dependent sphere cherishing bonds of co-existence in the frame. Not just that, she also circumvents the barriers to present the intervention of human figures. The viewers can relish the pulchritude thriving with fantasy vibes.

Taking on her links with nature, she shared, “Growing up in Brazil, I had the ocean, rivers, and jungles that always existed in stark contrast to the industrial cities (I lived in Sao Paulo). So my earliest and most formative memories are of lush, humming tropical ecosystems —and the encroaching industrial landscapes of Brazil’s cities”.

To put up a stunning show for her admirers, she sources the pictures from open platforms like Biodiversity Heritage Library (previously), Pixabay, and Unsplash. Matching tones with the demand of time, she decides her course of action- whether to draw or cut the pictures of her subject.


Well, her art pieces are not a merely ride through the vibrant fusions, but they go a step further. She utilizes her canvas to set the caveats on by underlining global crisis like climate change. For that, she has pitched in with scientist Louisa Durkin (the Nordic Academy of Biodiversity and Systematics Studies).

Taking on that, she said, “This came into focus for me when I made a series of collages and then later realized that many of the species in the vintage illustrations had already gone extinct. Humanity has wiped out 68% of all our planet’s biodiversity since 1970, so working with vintage illustrations can be very heartbreaking as much of the diversity in these gorgeous old naturalist prints has been wiped out by human activity”.

Adding to that, she shared, “I often say that I do not want my art to be a funerary dirge for everything we could have saved”.

To grab the best, her fans can check out her forthcoming book- ‘Why Do Tigers Have Whiskers? And Other Cool Things About Animals’.