Cheery Blossoms Made From Salt Scattered Across The Setouchi City Museum Of Art

An artist named Motoi Yamamoto has turned the spotlights on the cherry blossom delight in a creative way with “Falling Cherry Petals”. 100,000 cherry blossoms of salt origins rule the red floor at Setouchi City Museum of Art. The project has taken 55 hours (nine days) of efforts of the artist to evolve and bask in its present-day glory.


Cherry blossom imbues one’s heart with the out of world happiness and solace. The bloom and fall of gentle cherry petals open a treasure of life lessons for viewers. Thus, it is not a surprise to see thousands of souls thronging the sites that could provide an enticing view and experience of cherry blossom. Grabbing the sanctity of cherry bloom, an artist named Motoi Yamamoto has rocked the art sphere with his art piece.

Pooling the ecstatic and grieving moments of life, Motoi Yamamoto takes to his art sphere to come with evoking bits. His creative line took to another level when his grief moved him and worked out its manifestation. He lost his sister to a brain tumor. Her death ignited a creative wave within his heart. Following that, he ended up producing two sculptural works in 1995. That marked the beginning of a new style in the art domain.


The recent loss of his wife made him take to the practice to soothe his soul. Giving way to emotions and unavoidable truths of life, he began his artistic meditation. He embarked on creative lines to come up with a stunning art piece. Taking to the shining red floor at Setouchi City Museum of Art, he decided to illustrate the rise and fall of cherry blossom. He armed himself with a petal stencil and salt. Then, he meticulously started pouring grains of salt through the stencil. Moving bit by bit, he ended up presenting 100,000 salt cherry blossoms sprawling across the red floor. The shining bits represent the view when cherry trees shed their gentle petals and adorn the ground.

The Kanazawa-based artist devoted his efforts for 55 hours and nine days to work out its present-day look. Donning the title “Falling Cherry Petals”, the art piece takes one through the heart-melting cherry blossom view nearing its end. The salt patterns differ in their arrangement to take after the natural fall of the petals. In some places, they get too dense and in other parts, they are adequately apart.


Shedding light on the theme of his art piece, he shared, “When the red-purple buds fall, for many people, this is also the time when they lose interest due to the flower season being over. However, this time can also be seen as a small nudge to think about the coming fresh greens of spring and mid summer…While thinking about the future of the buds, I created petals that had just fallen, piling the petals while contemplating the trees that produced these beautiful flowers with their thick trunks, supple branches, and powerful roots.”

Adding to that, he also reflected on other facets of his art piece by saying, “This was an attempt to engrave into my heart the moment when an important life ceased to exist.”

To the delight of the art lovers, they can cherish the heart-winning bits of the project by making their way to the Museum. The project will make wave till 5 May. Presently, he is engaged in the project named “Suzu’s Oku-Noto Triennale 2020+”. Thus, one can look forward to cherishing another gem shaping up.