Black And Gold Rattan Create The Swirling Ceiling Of A Bangkok Lounge

The Thailand-based firm- Enter Project Asia is back in the limelight yet again with its rattan revelries. The restaurant- Spice & Barley at Bangkok is the recent recipient of the rattan charm. The black and gold strips lace its two (30m) pillars, finally adorning the ceiling. Following the motto, the project has used only natural materials like leather, rattan, etc.


The saviors of nature have finally taken to the art alleys. They are embellishing the world corners with the stunning art forms emphasizing the charm of nature. They often look for vivacious natural substitutes for the deleterious artificial bits to add to their stunning sprees. A Thailand based firm- Enter Project Asia has created a mark in the domain with its rattan architectural art pieces around the Bangkok city.

The firm has raised the bar of architecture yet again with its recent installation at a Bangkok restaurant. The restaurant- Spice & Barley stands high beside the much-cherished Chao Priya River. Its lounge offers an unforgettable experience to the visitors. The city lights greet them from its terrace. Adding to the pulchritude of the establishment, the architectural firm has bestowed it with rattan charm.

The two pillars in the lounge (30 meters each) rise from the ground to touch the ceiling. Using them as the subject, the firm has come up with swirls of black and gold stripes. They lace the pillars and finally run over the ceiling. Following the motto, the project has laid its edifice on natural materials like leather and rattan. The gold and black swirls ascend beautifully to cloak the pipes and ventilation equipment around.


Thus, the rattan art piece goes well around to stifle the obnoxious yet indispensable items from ruining the grace of the lounge. The rattan-laced pillars shimmer at their best to allure and greet the visitors beholding them with awe at the lounge. The gold and black stripes complement the architecture thriving around. Thus, they look like an indispensable part of the lounge.

Well, the rattan art piece is not a mere project making a case for natural beauty. It expands its outline by celebrating the charm of the local culture and practices. It zooms into the indigenous natural treasure of the country and revives the rattan culture suffering the onslaught of the plastic alternative in the architectural market.

Not just that, the gold and black combination reflects the glistening gilded temples in the country. Taking on the technique that the team used in the project, Patrick Keane (the director of the Thailand-based firm) shared, “(The team) used 3D special effects software—Maya and Rhino—to simulate bubbles, foam, and liquids”. It denotes the Belgium beers that make a part of the menu at the restaurant.


Thus, the project soars ahead to shed light on the facets that nurture its name.

Shedding light on the reason of the rattan preference of the firm, Kean shared, “Many rattan factories are at the brink of extinction due to the rise of importation of inferior plastic products. This project saved two rattan factories from closing down”.

The local pearls are seeing the light of the day with the rattan initiative of the firm. Well, this is not the first feather in the cap of the firm. They have installed many rattan art pieces around the city.

The art lovers can navigate through the social media world. The architectural firm keeps the artistic platter fresh by sharing the alluring delights and bits on the platforms.