Amber Cowan’s Narrative Sculptures Bring Art To Vintage Pressed Glass

An artist named Amber Cowan gives a new lease of life to ‘pressed’ glass and materials breathing their last breath in dump yards and shops. The Philadelphia-based artist scrounges in the heaps of trash to get her hands on the bits carrying the legacy of industry. She paints the masterpieces aptly to weave alluring feminine experience for the viewers.


Ruin for some is gold for others. This adage fits well in case of the creative souls longing to create magical moments. The artists from different sphere of art world embark themselves on the quest of winning artistic gold. Basking in the glory grabbing the acme in the domain, an artist named Amber Cowan makes waves with her mesmerizing masterpieces on the art shelves.

The Philadelphia-based artist does not need the support of the sumptuous art kit to unwind her competence before the world. She has secured a space in the bustling domain with her strive to resurrect the dead industry. Making strides in that direction, she has come up with her sphere winning artistic souls around.


Unlike her other counterparts, her artistic spree sees the light of the day in the dump yards treasuring her gold. She looks for the heart of her art pieces- pressed glass pieces (cullets). Losing their sheen to the whirls of time, the bits win the heed of the artist and hence pump up their chances of redeeming their glory in art sphere. Well, the dump yards do not yield her glass pieces only. She manages to grab other indispensable bits of her art pieces. To ensure the best going in her project, she also explores the corners and shelves of shops and markets around her.

After putting up her complete art palette, she settles down to evolve some stunning narratives depicting the golden facet of the industry. The pressed glass pieces go well together to portray heart-winning scenarios for art lovers. Not just that, the color picks also go in line with the themes.


For instance, “Bridesmaid Returns to the Shore of Her Full Moon” (2019) (glass and mixed media, 23 x 22 x 9.5) presents a bridesmaid against the beach backdrop with floral patterns blooming around to frame the alluring scene. The blue hue reigns over the art piece to radiate the positive vibes for the viewers.

Carrying on the art trend, one can find “Hen Collecting All of Her Ova” (2020) (glass and mixed media, 18 x 20 x 9 inches) glistening with the pressed glass magic. One can see a hen sitting on eggs inundating the center. The floral outgrowths imbue the borders to serve as a blossoming frame.


Threading the vibrant artworks together, she paints the feminine experiences at their center. They unwind “loneliness, the search for meaning, the search for love, and the following of symbolism in the mundane”.

Taking on the obsoleteness of the material, she shared, “Nowadays, this material is out of fashion and relegated to the dustbin of American design”. Shedding on her encounter with colors in the scrap yards and their use, she said, “These barrels of color are often the last of their run, and my work will essentially give the formulas their final resting place and visually abundant celebration of life”.

To wade through her sphere, one can check out the book- “Objects: USA 2020”. Apart from that, one can also pay a visit to her “Dance of the Pacific Coast Highway at Sunset” at The Museum of Arts and Design.